Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-35

The episode starts with Bala comes to music school next day.. Nila walks there slowly and does not see signal.. Car comes there fast.. Bala sees this and gets shocked and runs.. Matsh theme plays.. He runs. Nila walks thinking about something.. Suddenly car comes too fast.. Bala jumps and pushes her aside and falls on her and rolls.. Sanam re plays.. Nila gets shocked.. Bala locket gets stuck on her chain.. Rettai Vaal kuruvi title track plays.. Bala smiles.. Nila asks what? He tells nothing.. She thnx him for saving her. He tells it is my pleasure. Bala lost on thoughts.. Nila asks him to pick locket..he sees the locket which he gave to nila.. He smiles seeing it.

Nila also sees the same locket which she gave.. She also smiles.. She thinks I new u love me. He also tells I knew u love me.. He removes it and tells her to come soon. Nila also comes there and starts class.. Sir comes there and tells Bala u r job is confirmed in Chennai.. So tmr u can leave this school.. Sir tells nila u have to work in Coimbatore for some days and then Chennai.

Bala smiles and thnx him.. Nila congrats him and tells our both ways are shown so let us start new life. He smiles. She tells let us have lunch together? He smiles and nods his head.. She tells him to pack his bags. He tells her to pack it. They both smiles at each other. Bala asks her to come soon. She smiles and agrees..

Bala and nila comes to their own houses and packs their bags.. They both comes to restaurant.. Bala sits on chair and waits for nila.. Nila comes there in red sari.. Bala looks on.. Nila comes there and touches his hand and asks what? He tells nothing.. He smiles at her.

Nila orders food. Bala also.. Anuj comes there and sits there and talks with Nila.. Bala fumes.. Anuj keeps hand on Nila.. Nila tells him to take it.. Bala beats him. Police asks what? Nila tells them anuj is misbehaving with me.. Police takes anuj away.. Nila thnx Bala.. He tells I would have done whoever in u r place. She tells really!! He tells yes.

Precap:Bala comes to Chennai and nila comes to Coimbatore. For jobs..

Let us see when will they unite?? Wait.. Tell me how much epi I should write?75 epi or 100??

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Rettai vaal kuruvi

    Awesome epi bro…more than 100 epi bro….

  2. Good episode … I luv this jealousy on Bala….. Good doing … Waiitng for the next episode … I mean eagerly ….

  3. I would luv to see 100 episode … Naren…???

    1. I mean 101…??

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