Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-34

The episode starts with Bala door and cries.. Suddenly wind blows fast and it rains.. He recalls his moments with Nila and smiles. Bala sleeps on bed. Nila comes to her room. She cries.. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays… Nila thinks about Bala and cries.. Next day…………….
Bala comes out of his room and gets ready. He comes to music school and waits for sir.. Nila comes there.. Wind blows.. Her hair moves.. Bala is mesmerized in her beauty.. She comes there and asks him what happened? He tells nothing and asks her let us start? Nila tells OK.. Before that.. Nila tells we got divorce.. So now we are new to each other..

So we can be friends.. She forwards her hand.. Nila prays to God telling him to accept. It.. Bala smiles and gives hand.. Rettai Vaal kuruvi plays.. Bala and nila starts playing music. Suddenly someone comes there.. Bala calls him.. He turns and smiles at Bala.. Bala calls him as anuj sachdeva.. Bala smiles and comes there and hugs him… But he comes to nila and hugs her. Bala gets irked.

Bala comes there and asks how r u? Anuj? Anuj tells I am fine.. U both are here..?.Bala tells yes. Anuj tells I thought u got divorce? Bala tells yes.. But now we are friends.. Anuj smirks.. Anuj keeps hand on Nila shoulder.. Bala turns his face aside and cries.. His tears falls down.. Nila watches this and thinks he still loves me.. So only he cannot see anyone with me.. Nila tells anuj that it is late. We have to practice.. Anuj leaves from there.. Bala smiles at his leaving and dances for Danga maari songs..

Nila slowly opens door and sees this and smiles.. She thinks he always loves me.. This time.. I want him to say his love to me.. She smiles and calls Bala.. He comes there and they starts work.. Sir comes there and tells u did not fight? Bala and nila smiles at each other.. Sanam re plays..

Precap: Nila tells Bala let us go out for lunch? Bala tells sure.. He smiles.. Nila also smiles..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Naren …. This episode should be 33….na coz after 31… Ur going with… 33….

  2. Oh naren… I don’t know how I missed this lovely show… Tnx rufina for the link… Ur a fantastic writer … Oh this MD… Cheapo… ?? Once u mentioned that ur writing till 35 episode only … So it means is it gonna end..

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      No I have decided to write till 100 or 75 epi becoz I also started loving writing this show ff

      1. Tnx naren…

  3. Y less comment for this…??

  4. Awesome epi bro…Bala getting jealous….oh cute..

  5. Very good writing anna sorry that I can’t comment regularly.bit busy with studies.

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