Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-33

The episode starts with Bala and nila cries at house. Bala tells I will not think about u to or feel for u!! Becoz u are nothing to me. Nila also tells the same. Bala sleeps on bed and nila also sleeps.. Next day….

Bala gets up and sees date and thinks in mind today was the day I first time met nila.. She also gets up and tells the same. Bala beats his head and tells him to stop thinking about her and gets ready.. Nila also gets ready.. Bala comes to flower shop and buys flowers and tells she will like this.. Nila also buys same flower.

Both comes to music class.. Sir tells today is final class from tmr practice only.. Pair wise.. He seperated pairs.. He tells Bala and nila.. They both gets shocked and asks me and her? He tells I won’t work with her. Nila also tells the same.. Sir tells them get lost. Bala tells OK.. Nila also tells ok…

Bala and nila starts working.. Bala plays wrong tune.. Nila tells u are always wrong and changes correct.. Her hair moves.. He smiles.. Title track plays.. He smiles at her. She asks what? He tells nothing and plays music. Suddenly nila violin breaks.. Bala smiles.. Nila asks what? Now happy? He asks what did I do? She tells u did not do anything? She tells my life is spoiled by u!! He asks why r u bringing it now? She tells yes it is imp..

He tells her many are seeing us! Let it be says nila.. She continued to shout and taunts him badly.. Bala gets angry and slaps her.. She gets shocked and slaps him.. They both slap each other.. At one stage.. He stops and they both hugs each other.. Sanam re plays..

They both breaks hug and leaves to their house.. Bala comes to room and locks the room and cries.. Moves to his bed

Precap:Bala and nila works at music school.. Without fight.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Plz post the horror story plz plz plz

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      I have sent they will post today itself!!!

  2. Awesome epi bro….enjoying the fights between them…

  3. Naren… It should be episode 32… Na u u have skipped it…

  4. Luv the episode ….

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