Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-30


Thnx guys for the support. 30epi!! Completed without u this won’t be happened.. So now let us start..

The episode starts with Bala cuts the call and thinks about nila and throws things… Nila smiles thinking about Bala.. She beats on her head and tells why I am thinking about Bala? She leaves to bed..

Next day…

Bala gets ready and comes out. Nila gets ready and comes to hotel and haves tiffin.. Sandwich and bread and leaves.. Bala comes there and haves sandwich and bread.. Waiter tells same as u ate one more girl same as u had.. He asks who is it? Nila leaves from there..and sees some ladies speaking and comes there and asks about something and leaves..

Bala haves it and comes to school.owner shows time and tells u are Late. Don’t repeat it.. Bala agrees and start class.. Nila laughs seeing him came late.. Bala takes violin and plays it over sound.. She tells him to stop it.. Bala tells no.. Nila tries to throw it.. Bala pushes her.. Nila also . they both feel on each other… They share an eyelock.. Sanam re plays..

Bala tells her to get up.. Nila leaves from there and comes to washroom and smiles . Bala also smiles and beats his head and thinks.. We got divorce.. Nila and Bala have distant eyelock.. Allah warriyan plays.. Suddenly owner comes there to take practice.. They both starts it..

Nila leaves..Bala also leaves after class. Nila walks on road.. Some boys tease nila.. She moves.. But they hides road and teases her and tries to misbehave with her.. Bala gets angry and. Comes there and beats them.. Police comes there and asks what happened? Nila tells Bala also.. Police takes Bala and goons from there..

Bala messages lawyer. He comes to station and takes him out in bail.. Bala comes out and tells nila.. U made mistake.. U have to pay for it..

Precap:Bala asks her why she did like that? Nila tells simply.. Bala slaps her.. Nila gets frustrated..

Hope u all liked it.. Bye..

Credit to: Narendran

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