Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-3


The episode starts with Bala comes to house and tells malini sorry!! She tells it is ok i am thinking about one thing..Bala asks what?Malini tells him that Yamini told that her friend loves u so that only she quitted…Bala asks what?? He asks her name…Malini tells wait i forgot and i will tell u later and goes to kitchen….Malini brings tea for him..Bala sees the time and bids bye to her and runs from there…. He comes back and changes his dress and comes out and takes car and leaves from there…. Nila sees the time in the house and gets ready in white dress and runs from there not eating evening snacks….Bala comes there and sees nila not there and sits on chair and becomes normal..

Nila comes there in white dress.. Rettai vaal kuruvi plays…..Bala sees her and mesmerized..She comes there and sees him staring at her and asks what?Bala tells nothing…He asks her to say for what she came before times to meet her??Nila tells actually…Waiter comes there and asks what they want? Nila tells 2 cold coffee…Bala smiles..Nila tells i came there to tell u…….Bala phone rings he attends the call..Malini tells her name is Nila… Balaguru gets shocked..He cuts the call and asks her name?She tells Nila…He gets angry and tries to leave but she stops him and asks what happenend??He holds her tightly..She tells it is hurting..People around them sees..Bala leaves her…Bala tells u love me right?? Nila gets amused and tells how u know..? Yes i love u and she shouts…….Arjun and raghavendra hears this and gets shocked…Bala slaps her and tells her not to come on his way and he leaves from there angrily……

Nila gets teary eyes and wipes it and walks towards car but arjun comes there and asks about him??Nila gets shocked and tells to him and raghvendra and shows his pic also in mobile…They both tells we will get him married to u!! Nila tells really!!! Yes… Arjun and raghavendra smiles….Seeing her happiness… Arjun tells her father that nila happiness is first..She should be happy and for me that is enough….He also smiles…Nila comes to house and jumps in joy…Un vizhigalil plays….She comes to room and sees the pic and smiles…Bala comes to house and breaks vase and his hand gets hurt and he sits down…Malini comes there and asks what happened?Bala tells u called me that time nila is with me and tells everything..Malini tells him to calm down and brings first aid kit..

Nila speaks to bala pic that i won’t leave u easily becoz i love u 2yrs and i am trying to tell u but can’t but this time my parents will tell u..Arjun and raghvendra comes to malini house and asks them let me sit?? Bala tells them to sit..Arjun sees the house is this own house??Bala tells yes next month loan will get over…Arjun sees the house is clean and smiles…Bala tells malini to bring tea to them…She goes in..Raghavendra tells i will tell directly…My daughter nila loves u will u marry her?? Bala and malini gets shocked…

Bala thinks but malini tells them to show her photo..They shows her pic..Malini tells ok…Bala sees her but she tells ok…They both smiles and tells tmr u come to our house and ask our girl hand for marriage…Malini tells ok…Arjun and raghavendra leaves…..Bala asks her why she said ok? Malini tells i asked about that girl fully..She nice girl.. she is the best girl for u..Bala comes to room and sits on bed and remembers their moments… He smiles…Nila messages bala and tells sorry…He tells i only want to tell sorry and they both send smiley…Arjun comes inside and tells marriage is fixed…Nila jumps in joy and hugs him and raghavendra….They comes out and tells she is more happy now .. this should be stable and they both comes down and calls decoraters and gets ready for tmr function….

Precap: Nila comes there in sari.. Bala sees her and gets amused…Malini asks raghavendra let them talk alone and they all leaves from there….Bala and nila smiles and gets up from sofa………….

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  1. Supeeeerrrrrrrr??

  2. superb ya. very good job Narendran

  3. Amazing anna sorry I can’t comment on last epi pls forgive me

  4. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys next epi will be posted on 13th April becoz I am little busy till that but if I get time sure I will post bye guys

  5. Wow super Epi and one more thing u again using balas name in balaguru he is balamurugan…

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Tk sorry!!

  6. it’s k my cutie bro.. very njoyabl epi….i’m on cloud nine bcozz of this ff..but plzz post it in matsh telly update page only….this is ur sis’s small request…focus on studies bro

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Sure I won’t stop this ff.!! Ok be happy I won’t end any of my 4ff now I started to write vishkanya also! So I will be too busy

  7. Rettai vaal kuruvi

    Bro what’s ur dp? Today’s episode was super…..keep posting waiting for ur next epi…..

    1. male lead and female lead of vishkanya!!!!!!!!!!

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