Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-29


The episode starts with Bala takes blessing from malini.. Malini smiles and tells him to take care of his health and gives something in his hand and tells take care of u r self.. He smiles and hugs her. Malini bids bye to him. Bala leaves from there.. Nila bids bye to raghavendra and tells I need to go this time.. If u find u come there.. Whenever I find time I will come there tk meet u. Nila comes to airport and smiles and. Gets into flight.. Bala also gets into another flight.. Bala keeps luggage up and smiles.. At one girl.. He comes there and sits near her and asks about her name.. That girl shows him slippers . Bala leaves and sits on seat and thinks about nila and smiles.. He thinks she was soo kind to me..but she? Bala beats his head and asks himself why I am thinking about that girl much?? He puts headset and hears song.. Nila and Bala comes to America and gets info diff taxi and goes to their respective houses.. Bala opens the house and smiles and throws bag and laughs… Nila also comes inside and keeps bag aside and smiles.

Bala calls his friend and tells America is superb.. Bala friend tells him to study in music school.. And not to see any girls.. Nila gets ready and comes to music class and sees owner and speaks in Tamil.. He asks u r Tamil? He gives form and tells her to fill it. Bala gets ready and comes there and gives form.. Owner asks r u tamil? Bala tells yes.owner tells there is a new girl.. Bala tells really!! He asks what is her name? Owner tells nila.. He gets shocked.. Owner calls nila.. She comes there in red gown and asks what?

Bala sees her and fumes.. Nila sees him and gets shocked.. Bala asks u? Nila asks u? Why j came here? Nila asks did u follow me?? They all fights with each other.. Owner stops them and tells her to go to school tmr.. Nila leaves…. Bala brings something to her and tells good luck.

Nila smiles and thnx him and taunts him and leaves.. He tells she is showing attitude now.. U will see my real face.. Bala comes to house and speaks to malini.. He does not tell he met nila.. He cuts the call…

Precap: Bala dances with her friend… Nila also dances with another boys…

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  1. Rettai vaal kuruvi

    Wow…this is superb…i love their fights…..

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx rufina..

  2. Fan of ashwin

    Wow….so cute fights….i like it…

  3. hi anna!how are you???sorry i didn’t comment for long time as i was bit with my studies anyways superbb episode anna

  4. hello guys now bala and nila got divorce~!!!!!!

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