Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-28


The episode starts with Md announces that his company will be runned by bala from now on;…All people claps..Bala asks me?MD tells yes..becoz u can take care of company to good position..Bala tells me?Md tells him to take it becoz i don’t have much intelligence like u..Md smiles..Bala tells sure sir as u wish.Bala sits in chair..Md tells now nila is u will get away from her now on..he smiles evilly and leaves from there..Bala tells after nila left i am getting more and more gud news..he calls malini and tells it..She smiles and tells tmr we can go to our native place to pray to god..Bala tells yes but after 22days becoz work is there.malini agrees.

Md comes to nila house and asks raghavendra about nila?He tells she is fine who r u?MD tells about his status and tells i love her..MD tells i will wait for her still she accepts me..He tells it does not matter i like u but she needs to like u..she is very depressed u pls wait..MD agrees and leaves from there and comes out and tells he is such a fool..he smiles.

Bala comes to house and calls nila name malini comes there and asks what happened?bala tells nothing and takes tea and leaves from there..Mlaini looks on sad..her husband asks her what she wants?malini tells i need my brother to get married again..he tells noone will give daughter to u r brother and he leaves..Mlaini smirks and leaves form there.

Bala in the room thinks about nila and breaks all things and cries..Nila also cries at house Tum hi ho plays..Bala comes to malini and tells i got offer from america and i am leaving there after 2weeks.malini gets shocked..she asks then me?Bala tells her not to worry i will go and arrange all and u come there..with ur husband..she smiles and tells him to pack his things form now on..bala agrees.

Nila fights with raghavendra and tells i need to go to america and study for my tells no no..Nila cries,,.he tells her not to and tells ok..nila hugs him and tells servants to pack her bags and she smiles and leaves form ther.e.

Precap: Bala comes to airport..nila also comes both gets into diff flights and reach america and they goes to do their work..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Rettai vaal kuruvi

    semma bro…..bala n nlia r going to the same place….i hope that their love will bloom soon….

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Yes… Why u r nor commenting in Krishna dasi page?? Anyways.. Pls change pic.. Pls or keep another good pic of zain

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