Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-27


The episode starts with Bala cries at his house..nila also cries at her house tum hi ho plays..Next day bala and nila comes to court malini smirks seeing nila and takes bala away from here and makes him sit on chair and cleans his face..Nila sees this and tries to talk to bala but malini stops her and tells her u r parents are there and she takes bala away from here..Thalli pogatheye plays..Bala comes inside court..Malini sits in chair bala and nila stands infront of judge..Judge asks do u want to stay with each other for 3months?Nila thinks about papers and tells if u leave with him i will kill him..He also tells the same..Bala and nila both gets divorced infront of judge

Bala and nila signs papers..judge tells from today u r not husbnad and wife and u are seperate..Bala and nila sees each other..Bala and nila comes out and turns and stands rettai vaal kuruvi title track plays..Malini tells bala to come to house soon and she leaves..Raghavendra also leaves from there..Bala asks nila let us have coffee?Nila asks for what?Bala tells our life is seperated but out hearts still beats at once..she tells him to stop this speech and leaves from there and comes back and tells yes’

Bala and nila comes to coffee shop and they both have coffee..bala asks her what is u r next idea?Bala asks nila..she tells nothing still thinking..he tells u have enjoyed alot but now u have to work..she tells i love to work and asks about him?He tells same job and nothing more than that o have sold that house also..Nila acts as if she knows nothing and leaves from there..she cries to raghavendra to buy the house which i lived with bala..raghavendra agrees and tells his secretary and tells her to buy the house..bala should know it is me..she agrees..

Secretary comes to bala house and asks about house..bala tells 50crores..she tells ok and tells tmr we can keep registration..bala tells ok,..Malini asks this much?Bala tells i got it for 55crores i have used it so i have reduced the value..

Malini fumes at nila..bala tells her to stop fuming and leaves..Malini thinks he does not like her now then how he is stopping from scolding her also?Malini comes to kitchen and makes dinner for bala..He comes there and haves it..Md calls bala and tells him to come to office tmr mrng..

Precap: MD gives office whole work to Bala and tells i am happy that u will lead this comapny to good position..Md tells i my route is cleared from now on noone will be there between me and nila..He smiles..

Hope u all liked it

Credit to: Narendran

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  2. Rettai vaal kuruvi

    Epi was awesome bro……this MD is soo cheap..n bro do u know any actress in black??????if anybody knows pls tell me..

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