Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-25


The episode starts with Bala and nila comes back to house. Bala and nila share an eyelock. Manager asks for money? Bala tells I had already paid it. Bala shows it. Manager stares nila and leaves. Bala gets angry and raises his hand. But nila stops him and they both comes inside house. Bala makes her sit. Raghavendra comes there and offers money to Bala and tells him to pay the loan AMT. He tells no need i will pay.

Bala tells I want to pay on my amount. He tells my son is dead I want my daughter to be happy now. He gives money. Bala throws it. Bala comes up.. He keeps hand on his head. Nila asks Bala asks Bala to accept it. Bala tells no.. If u want take it. Bala asks her to give to her father. Nila comes there and gives it to him. Raghavendra tells her to accept becoz there is problem and he shares about manager.

Bala breaks the thing.. Nila comes there and tells him to accept it or forget me.. He hugs her and tells her not to speak like this. She asks him to accept it. Bala tells no. She takes bags and comes out. Bala requests her not to leave. Nila comes out and tells bye and leaves with him..

Bala sits down and cries.. He breaks the window. Nila sees this and she also cries but she leaves from there.
Malini gets to know about Bala and nila problem and comes to nila and. Asks her what happened? Nila shares it. Malini tells he won’t even accept my money also.. Nila tells her not to advice her and goes to room. Malini comes there and tells about nila. He asks her why she went to her house? Malini tells I went… Bala stops her and tells that is it. He calls lawyer and tells him to prepare divorce papers.. Malini gets shocked and asks all Early.. U are just married!!

Bala tells I knew but she left me and went to her father house. So I don’t want her. Malini slaps him and asks them why u married her fast? U left her fast? Nila sits on room and cries and thinks I should give one more chance to Bala. Divorce papers comes there..nila gets shocked seeing it.. She thinks if he want then I will give. She signs.

Bala gets papers and tells malini that she wants divorce.. He also signs.. Sad song plays.. They recalls their moments together

Precap:no precap.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. thought of writing next epi but i stopped seeing no comments..till comments are posted by readers i won’t write next epi..consider it as protest

  2. Sad epi…divorse….bro don’t do protest pls…i didn’t comment for some days as my net pack got over n mom n dad were out off station…n just now saw ur krishnadasi ff…its awesome……

    1. but i have ended it due to 1 less comment

  3. sorry it is krishnadasi

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