Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-24


The episode starts with Bala leaves from there..nila smiles and gets ready..she comes to mirror and sees her look and again changes the sari and sees it and feels suitable and comes down to hall..she eats tiffin and waits..Bala comes there and smiles at her look and hugs her and tells sorry to her.Nila tells it is ok and asks him why he came soon?Bala tells to play with u..she asks what? He tells we need to recieve my MD from airport so we should leave him to his house and we can enjoy..she smiles and comes with him..

He gets bouquet and comes there and stands with Nila..he asks her to holds his hand.she tells many people are here..he tells it is ok u are my wife..She takes his hand and bites his finger..He shouts in heart and acts as normal and asks her why she bitten my finger?

Bala smiles at her and sees MD coming and welcomes him and they all come to car..MD sees removes his glass and sees Nila and sees her dress..Nila closes it..MD gets into car and bala drives it..MD asks who is she?Bala tells my wife..MD acts smiled and thinks he got this beautiful? Bala drops him in house and leaves from there with nila.Nila tells bala that he is not good and she tells he saw my hip.. He tells her ok i will take care..He brings her to 24 movie..She asks how do u know i like surya?Bala tells i saw u when u saw 24poster on u r mobile..she smiles and hugs him.

Nila and bala watch the movie and comes out..Nila gets a call and she gets shocked and sits down and cries..Bala asks what??Nila tells arjun and yamini died in car accident..he gets shocked..Nila tells while they coming to their blasted,,Bala consoles her..Nila comes to house and sees arjun and yamini body and hugs them and cries.Yamini parents taunt nila..Bala tells them to stop it and takes nila from there and wipes her tears and tells her to be strong..

Nila hugs him crying..MD in house recalls nila and smiles and tells i need u so that i will go to extreme level to get u..he smiles evilly.

Precap: Bala and nila comes to house and sees Bank manager..he asks for due?Bala tells i had already paid and he shows receipt..he leaves..Bala and nila goes inside

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Hi my dr rufi today I didn’t study itself like always maasi came ?
    Bro unakku eppadi ippadi oru tiramai semma bro
    Bro eppayum pol episode SUPERB….
    Bro unakku SPL CLS mudijada

  2. Bro did u saw the flim

    Rufi ,aashika came home she gave me dairy milk and have it for u n me
    Then Friday we’ll eat it we can…..????
    I really have it for u Dr calle Dr tmrw at 8:00pm Dr
    N bro I have twin sis name shivani
    K r u clear..
    Bro actually the villain of 24 athreya z too terror first I got afraid of him n I said it to my sis n she z a suriya fan
    I’m a dhanush fan?
    K rufi bye da chlm
    Bye bro naraen|ranaji
    Hey actually ur name z naren right
    Then y ranaji??????

  3. Bro thats Tiffen not tiffin k understood

    Bro hav u ever visited Madurai
    Bro u r Coimbatore only know
    I have visited Coimbatore to Isha home school n yearly at least once I’ll visit it

    1. hooooo!!!!!!!!!my house is near Chinniam palayam….i went many times to isha temple pls go to perur temple

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