Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-23


The episode starts with Bala and nila comes back to India
With big smile. Bala comes home and sees malini married. He gets. Shocked and asks who is he? Malini tells sorry to him and tells he is my husband. Bala tells then u should tell me he is machaan.. She smiles.. Malini hugs Bala. Nila comes there and hugs malini.. Bala hugs malini husband and tells him to make her sister always happy. Malini asks how did u accept so soon? He tells becoz u selected nila for me. From this itself I saw u r choice. Nila looks on amused and smiles.

Bala tells see she is eating so much and see she has more weight. Nila asks what? She holds his ears and tells him not to speak anymore about her. Bala tells sorry just kidding. Nila smiles and leaves him and tells u will come to room Na then see. Nila stops and tells from now on daily I will cook u have to eat. Nila dances.. Bala tells I will put servant. He dances. Nila tells who will give money? I will kick them out ASAP.Bala tells sorry to her. Nila tells OK. Malini and her husband makes a leave.

Bala and nila comes to room and keeps bag aside and smiles at each other. Bala asks her to prepare dinner. She tells I am tired and tells him to order food. He asks what? Thnx and he orders it. Nila comes to kitchen and sees dinner s ready and eats it and tells Bala food is here. Bala comes there and asks her then why she told to get food? Nila tells I don’t know that food is ready. Bala tells I knew I scolded u there so u are doing this to me. Nila tells I did not do this deliberately.. Bala leaves in anger. Nila comes back
To room and sits aside on bed and sleeps.

Bala gets up and keeps pillow in-between them and sleeps. Nila cries in heart and thinks he is soo sweet when we are there. After coming here he is showing his attitude.. She sleeps. Bala tells she is showing attitude. Next day. Nila gets up and bring tiffin and keeps on table. Bala leaves without eating.. Nila gets sad. He comes back and kisses on her cheeks and tells sorry to her and gives rose too and eats one bite of food and leaves.

Precap:Bala and nila comes to Airport to receive Bala company MD..

Guys next epi will be on Sunday.. I mean next

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Rufi came from farm house to home sitting Dr

    Bro I was too shocked that wqt will Bala do but y did he accept without any thing knowing about any ways get new ideas for the story n update it fast bro
    N without ur permission I called as bro as these much days
    Can I continue lyk that itself bro

    Rufi njoyed in kiwi

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Sure call me as bro..

  2. Tanq bro
    Rufi hi today fully study
    Bye bro n rufi

  3. N bro u jus call me as harini

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Ok harini

  4. Hi mom n dad came back home….awesome epi bro….

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