Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-22


The episode starts with Bala and nila hugs each other Allah warriyan plays..Bala asks her how she feels it? She tells superb and kisses on his head and again hugs him..Arjun hugs yamini and smiles at her..arjun kisses her and comes and locks the door and offs the light..nila sees their lights off and smiles and she also locks the door and smiles at bala and offs the light..

Next day………..Bala gets up from bed and sees his shirt is on nila hand and tries to take it..but he can’t..Nila gets up and hugs him and sleeps..bala tells her to give shirt..She tells no..he tells then i will go out like this itself..she tells ok go..he makes her sleep on bed and goes out shirtless..All girls around him sees her and comes close to him.Bala runs from there..Nila opens the door and pulls him inside..they both feel on each other..Rettai vaal kuruvi plays..He moves her hair and asks her why she saved me?i would have enjoyed with that girls..she tells really and tells him to come with her..i will show them to u..he begs her not to do this and tells her to save her now……She smiles and hugs him

He tells always hug?she pushes him and asks do u think i am like that type of girl?bala tells i does not mean that..Nila tells i knew u meaned it..bala falls down and bends his knee and tells sorry to her..she tells this is last time i am forgiving u next time..i wont’ bear this and i will leave u..bala keeps hand on her mouth..wind blows on air…Her hair moves..he cups her face and smiles at her.

Bala gets ready..nila also gets ready..Bala tells today we aregoing out and tmr we are leaving becoz i have office work on monday..she smiles and tells it is ok.bala hugs her and tells sorry and tells i have little work..i need to complete or my work will be pending..she smiles and tells it is ok.

They all comes to restaurant and they have lunch ther.e.bala tells we are leaving tmr from here..yamini asks nila?she tells yes.he have some work..they both leaves from there and comes to room and packs their bag and sees tickets and gets ready

Precap: Bala and nila comes back to india..arjun and yamini enjoys honeymoon in singapore

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Ohh soooo cute…awesome awesome awesome…….n today 24 release date…so all the best for great success of the movie….

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    Flim superb no words to explain
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