Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-21


The episode starts with Nila and yamini beats arjun and bala..they both leaves from there..Bala and arjun watch the match..nila and yamini comes to room and tells we have to plan something that should make them scary and they should afraid of us..nila agrees and tells u are genious and appreciates her plan.yamini tells what?nila tells scare..ghosts and we can make them afraid..yamini tells what?Nila tells this is the right way and tells her let us go out and get dress and we should do make up and come..nila and yamini leaves..Bala does not see her leaving..they both comes to shop and gets dress and smiles at each other..Nila and yamini comes to parlour and puts heavy make up and comes back to beach house..

Bala and arjun eats popcorn and sees meatch..nila and yamini sees time and their door and sees light is still on..Bala tells let us sleep and he offs the tv and sleeps..Nila and yamini sees this and gets ready..nila tells yamini to be here and tells i will send arjun here..yamini tells sure and she sits on bed..she offs the light..

Nila comes there and knocks the door.arjun opens the door..Nila closes his mouth and sends him to yamini room and she closes the door and comes inside and sits near bala and sees his face and keeps her hand on his cheeks..Bala turns aside..nila tries to take hand but can’t she waits for him to turn and she takes it away and smiles..She sees powder and applies on her face..Arjun comes inside..yamini scares him..he shouts in fear..Yamini comes and closes the door and scares him..arjun realizes it is yamini and comes close to her..

Yamini tells him to leave and tries to scare him but he comes close..she runs..yamini tells him to leave her.Bala gets up in sound and sees ghosts and shouts for help..nila scares him more and more..bala tells arjun to remove it or i will cry..Nila tells i am not arjun and i am ghosts..she laughs..Bala cries to pleads her to leave..bala sees nila slippers and smiles,……he keeps leg and makes her fall down..she falls at him..He takes water and throws on her changes to normal..he smiles and asks her what it is?She tells u got scared at me..she laughs……

precap: Nila and yamini laughs seeing arjun and bala..they both tells u both got afraid…Bala takes nila to room and Yamini was taken by arjun,

Hope u all liked it..bye

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Nice episode…

    1. thnx gowri for the comment

  2. good episode…but need improvement

  3. by the way …how u change ur dp while commenting…pls tell me ..

  4. Awesome epi bro….when u read this part u remembered krishnadaasi sequence…..

    1. yes……….yaar

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