Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-20

The episode starts with Bala and nila smiles.. Bala and nila watches movie.. After some time they all comes to Beach house. Bala searches Beach?, nila asks what r u searching? He tells there is no Beach?????Nila pinches him and tells him to be quiet..

He smiles and tells OK. Yamini tells them to wait and nila and she leaves and books room. They both Books room and comes to them and tell room is ready but Me and nila are one room and u both are other room.. Arjun and Bala gets shocked and tells what? Bala comes near nila and holds her sari and tells I can’t sleep without u one day itself. Na. She smiles and tells him to go.. He tells what?

Bala and Arjun comes to room and sits on sofa and keeps hand on their cheeks and look at each other.Bala tells him to find some idea soon. Arjun tells him to find. Nila and yamini comes to room and smiles at each other and they have a hifi. They both sit there and talks about their days.. Past. They both smiles. Bala comes there and keeps ears in door and hears it. Nila sees his shadow and tells yamini that I hate Bala becoz he is nice but many girls love him. Bala gets smile.. Nila opens the door. Bala falls on Nila they both share an eyelock.. Arjun comes there and sees yamini and they both share distant eyelock.. Yamini asks why u came here? Arjun tells I came here becoz.. Bala came.. Nila asks Bala why he came here? Bala tells I came to get my phone.

Bala keeps his phone on table nicely.. Nila takes phone and gives it to him and tells him to leave. Bala smiles and signs yamini to go.. Yamini tells this to nila. She pulls him out and tells them to go and sleep. Bala and Arjun leaves from there and comes to room. They both on TV and watch IPL and they forgot about nila and yamini.. They both wait for them but no response??Nila and yamini comes there and knocks door. Bala opens it and comes and. Sits on sofa and watches match. Nila and yamini tries to take their attention but fails.. Nila comes there to Bala and tries to speak but he asks her why she came?

Nila tells I came her becoz u are missing me. He tells both to go.. Yamini and nila leaves. Arjun and Bala hifi each other and laughs.. Nila and yamini beats Bala and Arjun and they all smiles.. At each other..

Precap:Nila gets up from bed and comes to Bala room and sends Arjun to yamini room. Nila puts ghost get up and scares Bala..

Hope u all liked it.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Rettai vaal kuruvi

    Semma bro….i liked this epi……bro will u pls tell me how to copy a url address in tu comments?????

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      In mobile u should click that link and there u can find copy,paste and etc.. So that u can copy and u can start comment with bla.. U will get blue colour thing and u can paste with i.t

  2. Rettai vaal kuruvi

    thanks bro

  3. Hi bro,rufi chlm sry for not commenting for three days
    Jus i was busy

    Semma episode bro
    I jus luved it

    Ruf ena panra da chlm
    Tmrw call pannu dr
    Misss….you ..
    My dr chlm

    By ur missing frnd,

    My dr chlm rufi….

    Miss you bye

  4. Rufi semma movie da 24 surya sema cute villan is a super role for surya

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