Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-17

The episode starts with Bala sleeps and nila sleeps aside. She smiles seeing him sleeping. Yamini tells Arjun to get ready fast . Arjun tells I am ready and u? He smiles at her. She asks what? He comes closer to her Sanam re plays.. He takes her pottu in his hand and keeps on her head.. She smiles and thnx him. Arjun tells u are welcome. He smiles and they both comes to airport. They both gets into flight. He asks u want any drinks? She asks will u drink? He tells no and thinks in mind I need to act as good. She tells I thought u will drink and I drank vodka with Nila. He keeps hand on his mouth and tells yes I will drink. She tells OK drink less becoz we will go to Singapore there u can drink.

He tells OK. He calls airhoster and drinks wine. She tells him to stop it. He tells OK and sits near and holds her hand. She smiles and tells it is flight. He smiles and tells I knew I need to tell u something and he comes out of seat and bends his knee and proposes her.. All people sees it and smiles. She drags him inside and asks him how much u love me? He tells more than my life.. She smiles and tells me too.

Bala gets up and sees time and gets ready and comes out and sees nila sleeping and comes near her and keeps his hand on her face and kisses on her head. She gets up and asks what? He shows time. She tells sorry and gets ready. They both comes out of hotel with luggage. They both comes to airport and gets into flight and they reach Singapore.

Bala holds nila hand and they both comes to hotel and sits on sofa.. They both watch IPL match.. Bala supports Delhi. Nila supports kkr. Finally Delhi wins by 27runs. He gets up and dances around her. Nils picks remote from him and puts zeetv and tells him to see this. He asks what serial? She tells him not to react like this becoz we both r acting in serial only????????????. He smiles. She tells him to watch kaala teeka. He tells I heard that this show pair will be nice.. He asks do u know Hindi? She tells no I don’t know I read written update from Tellyupdates!!! He smiles and tells me too. She asks which show u will see? He tells ek duje ke vaaste and vishkanya. She tells me too. We both have some same thoughts. He tells many and hugs her and takes her and spins and they both share an eyelock rettai Vaal kuruvi plays..

Precap:Nila unpacks her dress and keeps in self. Bala shouts cockroach.. Nila shouts in fear and fell on Bala arms.. Naan UN plays..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode bro.u used real experience nice.

    1. sana i am not married then how can i use real experience?

  2. Rettai vaal kuruvi

    superbbb bro….i think love to watch ek duje ke vaste and viskanya…..

    1. hey it is my fav shows so only i have mentioned and watch kaala teeka some times if possible

  3. Hi bro it’ reji I read this episode….nice bro …I like this…metoo love watching kaala teeka and vishkanya ..and once again thanks for ur wishes for my birthday

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      It is OK.. Reji

  4. Rettai vaal kuruvi

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    Step 1:in google search type gravatar and enter inp
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  5. Bro ai too lyk ek duje ki vaste
    Th more pair semma
    Bro episode super

    R…. ennakku access aagala dr
    So sad walking poren

  6. Good episode really loved it

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