Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-15


Guys I have completed 15epi!! Thnx for supporting me keep commenting..

The episode starts with Bala blows the candle.. Next day Bala gets up from bed and sees nila missing and searches her in all places. He comes near balcony and. Sees her standing there and comes there and holds her hand. She smiles and asks what happened? He tells nothing and smiles. She tells u searched me right? He nods the head. She hugs him and tells I am very lucky to get such a caring husband like u. He smiles..

Bala and nila share an eyelock.. Bala tells her to get ready becoz we are going to boat ride. She smiles and tells now we should get dress to all. He tells now? She tells yes and tells him to get ready fast. She pulls him inside washroom and locks it and tells him to get ready soon. She smiles out and calls Arjun and asks about yamini.?he tells she is fine. He tells she is sleeping in cot and I am down. She asks why?Arjun tells I was just kidding we both sleep on same bed only.. Nila smiles..

Bala comes out dressed. Nila tells it is not nice. He tells not? He goes in and sees mirror and changes dress and comes out and asks it is nice? She tells yes. He smiles and they both comes to mall for shopping.. Nila comes to shop and gets dress and walks and Bala holds all bag and walks behind here??she goes into another shop.. He tells one more and he falls down. She smiles and tells him to get up. He gets up and tells u got dress for all but not me and u? She smiles and tells we both have many dress.

He tells her to get one dress for me. She tells u are begging me this much. So OK and she goes inside and takes dress and keeps it on his shoulder and tells it is not nice. Bala sees one shirt and smiles and shows nila she tells not nice.. He gets sad. She takes same dress and. Tells it is nice. He looks at her. She tells sorry.. They both share an eyelock..

They both put bill for dress and they both to hotel and sits on bed. Nila tells I am sok tired… Bala tells me too and tells her to massage his head. She tells me? He tells yes

Precap:Bala and nila comes to boat ride.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Very nice anna , keep on updating

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Thnx ramee

  2. Hi narendran, I am jo. Today only I knew about this link, I like this serial a lot. This is my first comment. Going forward I like to read this serial n comment for u… waiting for it next episode…

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Thnx Jo hope u liked it????

  3. Of course I really like ur story…. nila n bala is one of the best pair…. no doubt in it….

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