Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-14


The episode starts with Bala sits near nila and asks her is she know why we are going to honeymoon??she tells first of all i know..but now i forgot for what we are going..he smiles and comes close to her and tells i will tell u now..she tells him this is flight and not room and she smiles…he also smiles and tells tooo funny..Bala asks her let us take selfie??nila tells not head is paining..he smiles and massages her head..people around watches it.bala asks them why they did not see anyone like this??all turns aside..bala massages nila head..she smiles and tells now let us take selfie..

Nila asks bala did u love anyone before u married me?he tells no i will not see any girls but many girls see me and they told me ii love u also..many girls..she asks who is it??Bala tells i missed them…she beats him and bites his hand.he shouts and tells i told simply and tells sorry to her..

Bala tells nothing like that..she smiles and tells i knew so only i loved u and got married..he smiles and tells i liked u when u saw u first time..she asks when?he tells in office while u are crying..he takes that video and shows her..she beats him and asks why u took this video??he tells it is nice..she beats him..

Bala calls someone and tells him to get ready room..she asks who?he tells he is my friend and now we goona stay in his hotel only..she smiles and tells we should make this honeymoon trip memorable one..he smiles and tells sure…

Bala and nila comes out of airport and comes to hotel and comes to honeymoon suit room and smiles at each other..nila comes in and throws her bag aside and sits on bed and calls bala and tells him to keep her leg aside and she sleeps on bed.he asks her did she forgot why we came here?she asks for what?he smiles and hugs her and kisses her..

she smiles and tells him wait i will get ready and she goes to washroom and comes out in towel and sees bala standing near door she asks what? he tells nothing and tells now u r dream gonna be true..he holds her hand and rounds and brings her to bed…nila offs the light..bala blows the candle……..

precap: Bala and nila purchases dress for them and malini,arjun etc..hope u all liked it

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Very nice episode anna , rettai vaal kuruvi ends so fast im really worried abt it , but when i start reading ur ff fr rvk im really becme happy thanks fr such a nice ff fr rvk fans like me

  2. Rettai vaal kuruvi

    Awesome epi bro….

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Same pinch same DP yaar..

  3. Fan of rettai vaal kuruvi

    Very nice episode anna

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