We see a group of middle aged people gathered at an unknown, but a familiar place. They were three in number and all with same look or expression on their faces, they were disturbed and sad. None of their eyes pupil moved neither of them looked anywhere else except the ground but the silence was broken and the pupils moved, when a fourth person entered. He was driving a car, whose engine was not well toned and made hoarse noise, which was unpleasant to hear and irritating… A man gets down from the car and suddenly the frozen trio moves, as if someone poured life into them.

One of the members from the trio run towards the man and hugs him, it’s a lady. She points out his piercings and odd/weird dressing sense and says “you will never change….. Late as always and these holes on/in your body increased again. He smiles at her and kisses her forehead and says “you are the same too dear, you still are very emotional”. A vice from behind ask them to pay attention towards them and they can hug later as much they want and another voice supports it. These two voices are from the left out duo which was. A trio a moment before, the weirdly dressed man opens his arms wide and calls them and all share a group hug.

Now as we get a broader view of the place we see a large open place with a large patch full of greenery. With some animals grazing there, so it gives an impression that it is a Pasteur. The scenery is very beautiful with lushes of greenery all around and he grazing animals, the birds gave it the final touch. The place was very clean and in nature’s lap and the cold breeze flowing across it was just very relieving.

They have a short discussion and frown, and they lie on the soft and cozy grass and look towards the never-ending sky and the moving clouds…. And one of them says REMEMBER…………..
Hello friends plss read and tell hoz my fic and give your valuable comments…This is the first chapter and it’s gonna be a short story almost 5-8 chapters only and it’s about friendship 🙂
Thank you-

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  1. Nys dr.ur dp is amazng .i just lvd it. 🙂

  2. A diff 1, i lyk dis:-)

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  4. niceand a diffrent story 🙂

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