RETROSPECTION – part 2 – surviving the disaster

They lay on the soft grass and looked at the moving clouds and one of them says Remember……..
And the scene starts fading away ………………..
(Now that person is narrating the story so we see FB which is going inside his mind)
We see the same green patch of land but now we see some kids playing on that piece of land and wearing old fashioned clothes. The children belong to different age group and a group of them is playing gilli danda, and another group is playing hop scotch, and while playing one of the girl playing, hop scotch falls down and all leave their game and come , to her rescue. Her face is muddy green with the mixed color given to her face, by the grass which was squeezed and the soil lying underneath it. She looked very dirty and a boy, older than her age group come to her, and enquires her state and looks for any injuries on her body. She holds his hand says I am fine brother (bhaiya) look I am not hurt don’t worry and this grass is very soft so I am fine he smiles at her and gently pats on her head.

One of the boys who was playing with them comes to them and says they should hurry back home as there is a storm approaching that place soon. All the children their respective stuff and leave for their homes. That evening a violent storm hit that place and took numerous lives and at morning we can see the damage done by that storm, the destruction spread over a large area and the friends group became smaller ………………
The next day we see people struggling over to build their houses and get back on their feet and, miracolessly the place came back to its former glory soon , and was more developed from ever before ………. This attracted attention of many investors too, and they wanted to set up industries there but the locals refused. They seemed to take it positively but……
Within a few days that place suffered an attack by invaders but they didn’t loot or steal anything .the residents understood that it was their policy to threaten them so that they run away from the place and so that they could setup their industrial chain there .The village head tried to talk to them but his mouth was shut by a large amount of money offered to him by the rich , greedy and clever side and they lured him for more money if he could get them that land at a very low price and he agreed .

The head was now on an mission to manipulate the villagers but the villagers got to know his intensions and removed him from his post and a new head was appointed that was the girl’s father who did his best to get those foreign bodies out of their place but was found dead along with his family but …. Somehow his daughter survived ……
But that young girl was found missing and the two mysteries remained unsolved ….
The villagers knew the answers but no-one dared to speak and the case was closed soon and the concrete factories took over the place soon.
Somewhere in a city we see a young girl in a very bad and pitiful state her clothes were torn , she haven’t eaten since long and was hungry we could , see wounds and scars all over her body and she was weak. She had been roaming in the city streets since a week now no-one offered to help her knowing her story the ones who ignored it feared a police case……………… was the same girl from the village who escaped the assassins and somehow got into the city .
One sunny day she stole food from some shop and was running to save her life and bumps into a young boy a little elder to her he helps her to hide and when , the person chasing her leaves he asks her the reason for the chase. She produces a loaf of bread from her tattered garments and he looks at it and smiles at her but she passes away (faints) out of weakness and hunger.
The boy looks at her………….
When she gains consciousness she sees herself covered with blanket and in a small hut type place, which was built of scraps and a bowl of hot soup kept besides her on a table whose one leg was broken, and just tied and supported with some strong ropes. She sees the loaf also laying on that table beside the soup bowl the boy smiles seeing her and says “you got me worried young lady”.
She looks at him surprised and just drinks the soup and eats the bread loaf forgetting all her manners the boy smiles looking at her. When she is full she realizes that she ate like an animal and forgot her manners and apologizes to him he says it’s fine and asks her to be comfortable. A few days bass by but she is hesitant to speak sits quietly in a corner and weeps silently. She is in Trauma and he tries to talk to her and bring her out of the trauma and takes care of her. He sees his deceased sister in her. A few more days pass and they are good friends now and she is back to normal and out of trauma, so he asks her about her past and she breaks down he asks her to forget it and get back to normal again but she insists on telling her story as, she needs to tell it to someone and let out her feelings. He listens to her with concentration and he also cries listening to her story but acts strong for her and tells her that we are good friends from now you can share anything from now and he is like her elder brother she just lost. She hugs him and thanks him. And he asks her name and she says her name is Achla and he compliments her and asks her to be strong and immovable as her name.
(I chose this name bcoz in Hindi ACHAL-mean immovable and it goes well with her character)
That night she sleeps peacefully and he looks at her and smiles and says tomorrow they will meet their new family.
*** To be continued
Hope u liked it friends and I know till now it’s not like a friendship story but soon it will be
Thank you Hg , liya and Arzoo for your encouraging comments hope you enjoy this chapter

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