A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Intro)


Hai guys this is hateera …i am big fan of abigya…so I took this tragic decision to write stories…hope u not hate it…
A Restless Rockstar and His Secret fan

Our epi promo starts with abhi getting ready for his latest concert…He is shown by taking his guitar which is really black and shiny…and he took his lucky chain with star pendent.He started walking towards the stage.
Here we missed our pragya…

In her home we can here abhi’a song is playing..someone dancing crazily on her bed in night dress….really dancing crazily with her cute childish expressions..[BR][BR]which makes us to feel to ask how lovely u are…hope u find her…Yeah!! that’s our sweet bulbul a crazy fan of Abhi.

Meanwhile we can see some one knocking the door continuously…after some lights blinking in her phone telling some “LOVELY DII” calling and ………its gone!!!..Finally the power gone…!!My god!! Bulbul got super anger opened the door with a bang calling ” Mom…switch on the main board pls!!!!”

She urged to downstairs and surprised and cried loud Diii when u came,,…I missed U a lot”…she shared her tight hug showing how much she missed her diii…pragya laughs and asked “Really??? But I don’t think so…I heard your rock star song shaking our home…. you are saying u missed me???” Bulbul acts like crying and says “All in this house make me cry…i won’t talk to anyone” and tries to go..but pragya pulls her and presents her a gift and says “congrats!!”.Bulbul u got a seat in ur fav music college [:D].Bulbul gets happy and says “you are the best sister in the world dii!!!…love you a lot.!!!”.and starts hugging her again …

Waiting fa ur replies!!!

Credit to: Hateera

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  1. I guess its not a tragic decision. Its really good and continue writing!

    1. Ha ha…thank u soon much Dr!!

  2. Good start.. Continue

  3. Nice di.. eagerly waiting for your next episode.. good luck

  4. nice intro yaar….

  5. good… continue to write…..

  6. Nice… Waiting for next update

  7. A India forum member
    Me too

  8. Superb ya very very nice

  9. Thank you friends fa such a lovely replies

  10. Its Nice Yaar……plzzz continue…..

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