A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 9)


Our episode starts with she sees abhi walking outside.

She then got sight of paper rocket and she smiles

biting her lower lips.Abhi outside turns back and

sees the classroom.He hits a Pepsi tin and thinks

“Why I am still bored??!!”.He tries kicking the the tin

in a bin.She inside the class takes it and tries to through

Finally bell rang.She stood as Alexander raising her hand

like holding a sword .She gets damn embarrassed

and sat immediately.She sees the class and gets satisfied

thinking”Thank god!! No one seen me”.She then sees

the window.She says to herself”See..I know how you

think him..but stop this stupidity”.She in a great

determination controls herself and says “Yes !! I should

control my feelings…Its good” and she smiles.She sees Abhi noticing her

and hides her smile.He sees her eyes she tires to

escape from there and stands.He stands in her way

and asks “What were you doing before??”.She

gets tensed and says “n…nothing..”.She then goes

and he follows her.She walks fast and goes in a different

way to divert him.She then stops seeing him again

and gets shocked.

Abhi standing in her way and sees

her in anger.She gets shocked and thinks “Is he anger???…

God!! Please help me…what to do??”.She then with strong

Voice asked him “Why are you following me???”.Abhi hears

this and asks in a

shock” what???? Following??? And me…you???”

and starts laughing .Actually she felt very

guilty in that question because she was following him as

his shadow before.She doesn’t know what to say when he asked.

So in great nervousness she folds her hands and tries to

compose herself.Abhi sees her standing and tries to speak

something but again laughs.She gets more irritated and goes

ignoring him.He then sees her going and thinks “Shit!!!

She must be embarrassed…What Abhi??!” and runs

towards her.Meanwhile she gets angry and thinks

So..all the time…he was just mocking me??? and I thought

he …” and then stops herself and says “Just forget

it…No more embarrassing situations!!!…I should stop

myself”.Her eyes tries to fill the tears but she gets

shocked thinking “Does he know I am following him??!!!”.

Her eyes widened and thinks the moment when he

laughed.She consoles herself saying”No!!!”.She really felt

very sad as he mocked her.She then wipes her tears in hurry

and says “I won’t do this again!!”.She then hears his voice

“Hey…what’s ur name…I don’t even know how to call??

…see..I just thought some joke and laughed..you are

hearing me right???”.She gets shocked as he found

that she is hearing him.She then goes from there

without seeing him.She gets into a taxi and starts

thinking the moment.She then goes to her room and

closed the door.She then throws her bag and falls on bed.

She sees the diary on her study table and goes there.

She then writes something and gets thought of her sisters.

She takes out a photo from the diary and says “I don’t

want to share this moment with you…Its good I didn’t

shared anything about him with you…” and hugs the

photo.Meanwhile Abhi feels bad for her and thinks

“I don’t know this would happen…I was just …” and

kicks the bike with his legs.He says “She is very sensitive

than I thought…”.He then surprised and says “Wait !!!!Why I am

feeling guilty??? and feeling bad??”.He says “I think I am

overthinking about this…” and he

makes his face full of

anger and says “I should end this!! And I don’t know what happened me!! How I felt feelings fa her!!….Just forget it Abhi!! “.

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Credit to: Hateera

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  1. sana ( abhigya )

    Nice awesome hateera waiting for the next episode

  2. Nuce episode. Plz unite them back in present time and can we know why they got separated??

  3. nice track
    .keep going…update regularly…

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  5. Abhigya’s reaction towards the situations was cute?. The self talks of abhi and pragya was funny ?. Waiting fa next one. Am wondering what would have happened between abhigya ?

  6. Superb…. Loved it……??????

  7. Nice but short i think missing something.

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