A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 8)


Our episode starts with Pragya drives towards the park.

She reached there and gets shocked”No one is here!!”.

She gets down from the car and goes near the bench

where he sat.She sits there and sees something

shining on the ground.She picks it up.She looks

it sharply”It’s a pendent!!…of Star!!!!”.She then

turns to see is anybody there,but no one came.

She confirms that somebody was there and says

“I have to go now…Already its late…”.She gets

into the car and gives a look at the bench before

going.Within few secs Abhi’s car reached there

with a bang!!.He gets down and searches something

He holds her head with his both hands and says

“How I lost that!!!How???”.He gets anger and

kicks the bench.He can’t go from there and a

voice echoing”When this pendent is with you…

you can feel me in your heart..” in a husky voice.

He closes his eyes and says “Even this pendent!!

left like you!!!”.He again searches(how could

he find it?)He sits in that bench and finds something

Obviously shining near him.He sees a note which has

written these words”Searching for the pendent???Go

and get it near the tree straight opposite to you”.

He just ran near the tree in great hurry and finds the

pendent.He then sees and reads” No need to thank!!

Keep that safe!!”.He smiles and says “Yeah!!Sure!!”

and goes.Pragya while driving gets into the flashback

how she wrote a note and kept there.She thinks

that the person would found it by now and reaches home.
Pragya enters her home in a hurry and says “Mom I came!!”.

She starts searching her and finds her in terrace.Pragya

goes and hugs her shoulder and says” Ma…The issue solved!

and I m very happy!!”. Her ma sees her face and says

“I m very happy to get you as my daughter Pragya…(she

then cries and says) but I m very unlucky too”.Pragya says

“No ma …not anymore”.She compromises her and takes

her down.Pragya in her room walks.She can’t sleep.

She thinks”I remember something about that pendent..

But I don’t know how??”.She then
says “Anyway!! The problem solved!! “.Falls

on her bed and sleeps.Next day(We left our

bulbul’s story there…so we can go and give them

a short visit )

Bulbul is going towards her class.She sees

Purab going before her.She smiles (She realised

that it was not his fault…)she thinks how he felt

and asked sorry and decides to tease him.She

controls her laugh and walks in a hurry crossing

him.Purab sees her walking fast and thinks”Always

in a hurry!! And that damn anger…I won’t ask

sorry anymore!!”.She waits for him near the stairs.

He notices her but acts like ignoring her and goes.

Bulbul says”What the hell?? Who is angry here??”

and is shocked.She tries to go behind him but

sees Swara there.Swara asks her “What u doing

here??”.Bulbul says “I…I ju..just going to class…

come lets go!!” and manages.

Our scene shifts to Abhi wakes up from his sleep.

He sees the pendent and remembers last night.

He wonders “I always remembered my fuggi

when I see this pendent!!.But now I m thinking..

Whose that note??”.He then goes near the window

and sees the sunlight and says “You are bright

today…” and calls payal. She says “Sir !!I fixed the

date..Its after 3 days”.He sees the pendent and holds

it tight and says “Great!!”.He cuts the call.

Here Bulbul waiting for bus or any auto.

She sees Purab going in his bike and smiles but not

showed it out.She thinks how he asked sorry seeing

her hurt.Purab sees her as usual he ignored her.She thinks

“He must be angry…I have to convince him”.She sees

Swara coming in great anger and asks”What happened

Swara??”.She looks at bulbul and turns seems she is angry.

Bulbul didn’t understand and asks”you are angry??”.

Swara turns her face and says “Yes!” .Bulbul laughs

“On me??” and asks with doubt.Swara says “Yes Bulbul!!”.

Bulbul gets tensed and asks “what I did??”.Swara

says “Just tell me…for whom you were waiting ..this morning

And whose that guy came to class on that day???”.Bulbul

sees her tensed face and thinks to tease her”Ohh!!I forgot

to say Swara ..He is…” and acts like getting shy.Swara

gets shocked and asks “Really ???Don’t tell me he ur would

be husband!!!” and laughs.Bulbul says “Swara !! No “.Swara

says”Don’t play!!!I need the truth” and sees bulbul.Bulbul

tells her everything.Swara smiles and says”So you just want

to tease him or???”.Bulbul says “Don’t fly in imaginations..I just

wanna make him as my friend…nothing more”.Swara says

“Then!!Sure you need my help!!”.Bulbul says “Yes!!And remember

just friends…just wanna be a friend” she told this with her lifted

eyebrows said like a condition.Swara nods her head.

Our scene shifts to Pragya

in home tries to change the bandage on her head

but can’t.She struggles to remove.Bulbul sees her

and says”Dii…what you are doing??You would have called me”.

And helps her to change.Pragya says”I thought to

do it myself but can’t”.Bulbul casually shows a mirror

and says “For that you have to use this mirror”.Pragya

snatches the mirror from her hand and throws it

away and shouts”I don’t need that!!”.She screams

and starts crying closing her face with her hands.

Bulbul runs to her and controls her and says

“Dii..I m really sorry dii…I thought u had

forgot and moved on!! Sorry dii” and she cries with her.

Pragya still cries badly.

Our view goes to Abhi watching

tv and sees his news (that park issue) he gets irritated

and changes the channel.He goes to kitchen and

brings a coca and drinks it.He stops drinking suddenly

and gulps in a hurry.He runs to his room and grabs the remote and changes

the channel.He sees the screen and his face gave a

frozen reaction.

Abhi runs (it would have shown in slow motion if it is

telecasted…so we too can imagine this live before our

eyes )to his room and grabs the remote.(As usual

all remotes are like this won’t work at the

timing… ).He presses it hard and changes

the channel and sees the news.He gets frozen.

He can’t utter any words just a breath came as

whistling wind…it said “Fuggi!!!”.He sat on the sofa

in a shock.He sees the girl being pushed by his

securities.Soon tears rolled from his eyes.He doesn’t

know what to do..His hands just closed his mouth…He is

about to cry in this happiness…He just floating in extreme

happiness…soon he stood and shouts”I got u fuggi!!”

His voice then gone low and Said in a husky voice

“Then..what would have happened that day??

I just thought sh…she just left me…”.He then calls

payal and asks her to collect the girl’s details.After

ending the call he looks at the tv and says “I never

miss you again!!!” and then wipes his tears from

his eyes.And takes his phone and gone out by his car.

Bulbul on home controls pragya but she can’t.She

then says “Di ..mom will come soon…if she see you

like this what will happen?? Please dii…”.Pragya

composes herself and says “Yes…You are right…

Bulbul I will go to my room…I want to be alone..

you take care of mom”.Bulbul says” But dii..you??”.

Pragya smiles little and says “I m ok bulbul…

you take care of ma”.She then goes to her room

slowly…She sits in floor and starts crying.She then

goes to wash her face.After she sits and sees a cupboard.

She sees a diary.She takes and hugs the diary.She then

turns the First page and cries seeing a photo.(it

has the truth ) She then turns page…and we

are penetrating into the paper and came into the flash back.

After the class is over , she sees him missing and searches

him.She then goes out slowly.”Searching me??!!” a voice made her

merely to get a heart attack.She can feel his presence because

she has noticed him very well while sitting near her.Her breath gets

heavy and she just thought to escape from her.While thinking she

thought”What he will ask?? What I will say?? I can’t even look his

eyes!!!”.She says “God please save for today !!please “(But only

lip moved …no sound came out).She tries to move but she felt

her hands just locked by his hand.She slowly turns (a song plays..

…galliyan song…just starting bgm…) Abhi asks” Why are

you afraid of me??? Am I looking horrible??” He starts looking

himself.She starts laughing and says (with some hesitation..as

always)”I am not afraid”.He says “Then..why are staring me like

that??…Am I looking that handsome??”and starts correcting

his hairstyle.She( typical pragya’s expression) makes her lip tight

and smiles nodding her head as”no” and runs.Abhi looks at her and

thinks(Another flashback in this flashback of my previous episodes..hope u all remember )

While pragya gets into the interview room…before

entering she turns and sees him

and goes inside.Abhi notices that.She came after

finishing her interview… he sees her smiling.He thinks that she would

search him.But she went leaving him disappointed .

He sees her getting inside an auto and comes in.He

feels restless and turns back.To his greatest surprise

she came running.He hides behind someone and sees

her.He wonders and thinks “What the …??Is she searching me???”.

She then felt disappointed and gone.He stands there with a great happiness as he found

Something precious!!!

Abhi in an extreme shock

and thinks “She is something…precious”.Then next

day gets gets ready early and comes to college.He

goes to office room(Refer my previous episode…I have mentioned).He changes his department

and comes to her class.While entering the classroom

he starts searching her ..Like others can’t notice him

that he is searching.He sees her eyes full of wonder

and thinks “Yes!!…That eyes!!…I don’t know why I

am doing this??But I just feeling her eyes eating me

…Still I have to see those surprised eyes!!”.(Oh god !! He is crazier than her!!.She

just stared and felt some crush on him…

But he??? Even changed the class for her!!

Just to surprise her?? Or surprised by her??

Don’t know what will happen…)He comes out

from his flashback and smiles seeing her running.

In evening she calls her sister but its not reached.

She thinks “Why its not reachable??? I have to share

this with you !!”

She then takes a diary and starts writing each

and every moment from when she met him.


day she comes to her classroom.She feels uncomfortable to sit

with him so she goes and changes her place

to other desk.After few minutes He comes inside the room whistling…with his

hands in his pockets of blue jeans and white t-shirt.

She sees him and

hides bending down.He sees his bench and thinks that she not yet came.He casually sits and

waits for her.The classes begins she still not came.

He gets bored and makes a paper rocket and

looks around where to throw it.He gets shocked as he sees her sitting

in another desk.He gets angry and throws the

rocket in a great anger on her.She gets shocked seeing as the paper

rocket hits on her cheeks.He gets happy because

his so called revenge worked.She touches the cheeks

and thinks “What’s that??”.She sees a paper rocket

under the table.She picks it and keeps it.She then

starts writing.He gets irritated and again throws a paper rocket.Again something hits her now.She

gets alert and notices who is hitting.She sees Abhi

making the paper rockets and pretends that she

doesn’t seen him.Abhi lifts his hands to throw the

rocket.A sound came “Out!!”.Both gets shocked.Obviously we know

who would send us out from class room.She

gets worried and sees him sadly.He goes out

without any worry infact he felt”Thank god!!!

You saved me !!”.She sees him through a window

next to her.He walks slowly playing football with

a stone.She can’t sit there.She felt the whole world

as hell.She thinks what to do.She sees the paper

rocket and smiles (Don’t tell me you are going to

throw it and go out for him )

Ha ha

Just a reflection of my real life story friends…

I m not creating anything new story…

But edited one sided love story

as both sided love story

And also added somethings which I couldn’t do

But thought to do…

Ha ha funny right…Its

very easy to write fantasy stories….
It hurts when my heart says while writing “Its never going to happen buddy!!”
I started writing these stories to forget and divert myself….At last!! It ended with giving much pain thinking reality!!

Of course no one has courage to face the reality!!

And me too!! Still wanna float in day dreams ..with past memories…forgetting the future…

Yeah…life is really playing with my feelings yaar…kya Karun…

And really felt very happy to see ur replies…

It even makes me happy…

Hema D’Souza…sugan..nasima…sana..sweetylekha..reshma pradeep..devi..zari..shriti..sandy and durga!!!
Really am very pleased to see your replies….and really want to know many friends name here…
Hope they will talk is soon…

Love you all!!

Credit to: Hateera

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