A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 7)


Our episode starts with she goes in auto controlling

herself to thinking about him.She feels her phone

vibrating in her bag and says”Oh my god!!Mom!!”.

She sees her phone and attends the calls happily

She says “Ma !!I got admission ma!!!”.Her mom gets

happy and blesses her.She asks about her sisters,her

Mom told that they went for vacation to Manali.After

some minutes of conversation she ends the call.She

calls her sister.Her sister attends the call and says

“Hello dii??How are you?? Missing u a lot..If u would

be here,I would be very happy” her voice said how

she missed her and she asked”How is the place ??

and admission??” She says”with God’s grace I got

admission and???.Her sister asks “and what??”.She says

slowly “Do …Do you remember the..the story”.On other

end her sister says”sorry dii …I have to go”.She is very

disappointed and thinks “I have to share it with u” and


Next day both abhi and she are getting ready in their

respective rooms.She with her red chudi.Both gets out.

She takes an auto and he a taxi.He reaches the college

soon and goes to office room.She arrives and sees the

college gate.She gets happy and goes inside the campus.

She then goes to her class.Before

entering the classroom she stops and sees around

(I got whom she is searching).She gets sad and goes

into the room.She sees the class , all seats are filled.

She goes to last bench ,only it is free.She sits.

Classes begin.She listens the class very eagerly(Seems

all the sisters of her family are very sincere while

in classroom ).Suddenly someone’s voice

is heard”Excuse me sir??”.

All eyes in the class

gone towards him.Sure she also seen him.Yes!!

at last he came!! her heart cried with little excitement.

She stares him.On the other side , he entered the room

searching those eyes which made him disturbed.

Finally those eyes caught his attention.She with her

widened eyes welcomed him.To her great surprise

he is coming towards her.She gets nervous…excited

…much more feelings which can’t be expressed.

He in slow motion walks…she sees him…A song plays…

(heer heer from Jab tak hai jaan).He reached her with a

light smile in his mouth.He stopped beside her and signs

something.She smiles and moves her head as “what??”.

He with his eyes shows the bench.She gets out of her magic

world and moves.He sits near her.

She gets happy but felt uncomfortable.She likes him

to see from far but when he is near she just felt uncomfortable.

She with great difficulty controls herself and listens the class.

But she rotates her eye and turns to see him.He kept his cheek

on left hand and listening the class.She stares him again and

flying in her dream world.She fell down

suddenly.Her smile vanished.Because she saw him watching her for a

long time.She escaped herself from his eyes and turned.He asked

“what??”.She gets nervous and stammers “S..so..sorry!!…I ju …just…no…nothing”.

He then laughs and says “Hey !! Just chill!!” and

sees her.He thinks “What are you??? Why u r

making me crazy??”.He laughs and stares her again.

While she is still felt embarrassed.She said to

herself “Stupid !!! Dont do it again!!”.

I think We should come back from his flashback..

(We left pragya in that crowd…We need to see

what happened to her).Our episode starts with

the guy pushes pragya .She fell on the ground.

Her head hits the ground

very hard which is enough to her to get unconscious.

She then taken by some people to the hospital. Bulbul

and her mom is shown asking pragya’s room number in

reception.She showed them the way.They with their

teary eyes reach pragya’s room.They gone in and sits near

pragya.Pragya wakes up as her mom held her hand.Pragya asks

her not to cry and says “Ma ..I m fine.”.Bulbul cries and hugs pragya

and says “I m scared dii!!” and starts crying.Her mom

cries and says “See pragya..I don’t want to lose you again”.

Pragya also cries and says “No ma…nothing will happen…

that make u lose me…No matter what this time I won’t

“.She cries badly and says “I can’t bear my daughter going

away from me again…an…and promise me”.Pragya holds her

ha,d and says “promise ma..” And cries.Bulbul asks “What

happened dii?? Why are u here??”.Pragya gets angry as she

heard before fainting that was Rockstar Abhi …She controls her anger and

says “Nothing bulbul I just felt dizzy”. Bulbul says” Ok dii..I will see the

discharging procedure”.Pragya nods her head as yes and gets thinking. Later

Pragya in home gets ready to her institute.Her mom sees her and says

“Your are going out??again?? Now only u came from hospital..

now going out??” Pragya sees her and says”Ma…I m not

going anywhere just to institute…Have lot of works there”.

she sees her mom’s face and says holding her shoulder”Ma

You taught me to be strong..but see yourself now…”.Mom says

“No pragya I just afraid If I lose u ???” and starts crying.

Pragya sees her crying badly hugs her and says “No ma…

I will never make u to lose ur daughter again…I promise…

I will be safe”.Then she makes her mom to take rest

and goes.She reaches her institute.Ronnie who is waiting

for her stands seeing pragya.He noticed her hurt and asks

“Dii?? Are u ok??”.She ignores his words and asks seriously

“Ronnie..we don’t have time for this …What u thought about

this issue??”.Ronnie shows some files and strategy…but pragya

gets irritated and says “come to the point Ronnie!!”.Ronnie

says “we have to do a concert…” And folds his hands.She then sees

him and says “So..That’s Rockstar Abhi’s??” and raised her eyebrows

a little like saying”really??”.She says him what happened in the morning.He sits and tries to convince her saying

“Di…We can collect donations…conduct project exhibition…but

We don’t have that time…u know this very well right??”.she says

“Yes Ronnie!! I understand but…He.. just doesn’t have any

feelings…what kind of person he is…hurting the one

who tried to help him…I just hate his personality”.Ronnie

says “Just forget that incident and think about those kids

Di”. Pragya thinks and after she relaxes herself and says

“Ok Ronnie!! Fix the appointment”.Ronnie gets happy

and goes.He calls Abhi’s PA.

(whom we choose as PA …if Ronnie is pragya’s PA then…

who is Abhi’s PA???).Yes !!Payal attends the call

and asks purpose of his call.He then explains her

…which is muted…She then says “Ok sir …I will inform you later”.He

says “Mam pls…I need your help in this..because its

about kids future..”.Payal says”I understand Mr.???”.Ronnie

says “Its Ronnie”and tells her to note the details of

the institution.She says”Ok Mr.Ronnie..will call u later”.

She thinks”What to do know…Boss is completely

disturbed”.She then calls Abhi.Abhi sees light in his

phone but didn’t pick it.He says “No one is there for you Abhi

You have to move on.!!You don’t have any option!!”.He then stands

and calls his payal.She picks the call and asks “Payal!! I need my

next show to be fixed!!”.Payal in hurry says “Sir !! An institute

needs financial support and they asked…” Abhi interrupts her

and says”Fix it!! ” and ended the call.Payal gets shocked and

texts him “Are you sure sir???”.He calls her and says “I need

the program date” and the call was ended.She calls Ronnie.

Ronnie picks the calls and gets happy.He informs pragya

and says “Dii !!It happened just like that!!”.Pragya wonders

and asks him “Really he agreed??”.Ronnie says “Oh dii…just

believe me..he is not that rude”.He then says”Wow !! We

have fixed The Rockstar’s event!!!” and goes out talking to

himself.Pragya goes from office and thinking while driving

car “How a person’s personality be so contrast?? In morning

he doesn’t cared what is happening with others..and now??

agreed”.She sees the park and thinks morning’s incident.She

stops the car and sees someone sitting there.She gets afraid

and thinks “Is that a ghost?? “.She bends herself down

in the car and tries to see.Abhi heard car’s sound and not

interested to turn.Ge doesn’t want to show his face and make

a scene there.Pragya thinks to go but she thinks “Mom will be waiting for

me..and here I don’t want to do the same mistake again”.

She then drives her car.Abhi turns and sees a car moving.He thinks

to go now or like today there will be great problem.He goes

from there.Pragya while going thinks “Who it might be??”.

She then wonders and says”May be he is??”.She turns the

car with an immediate u turn and drives towards the park.

(Shall we make them to meet??? )

And be ready fa the great tragedy guys!!!
And I am saying this again…I always interested in tragedy stories!!..of course life is not easy to get whatever we ask for…
And I am requesting my lovely is lent readers also to motivate me!! Its a request..you can ignore if u r not interested!!

And love you all!!

Credit to: Hateera

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