A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 6)


Our Episode starts with pragya sees a mail and sees it carefully.

She then calls Ronnie to her cabin.Ronnie came running

and says “What dii??!!”.Pragya asks him “Do you finished

that lone documents??”.Ronnie says “Yes !!almost its done”.

Pragya says “We have another idea Ronnie.Just my friends

suggested a good idea!!”.He gets happy and asks what was it.

She with her great confidence said”We can conduct events to

to get donations for that institute!!.” Ronnie says”Its a nice idea

but what type of event ???”. She says with enthusiasm”Some

science projects exhibition??”.Ronnie gives her a boring look and says

“How boring???…” Pragya’s face changes and asks “Then???

What to do now???”.Ronnie says “Let me think…”and goes out.

Pragya thinks “God ! Please make this idea work”.

Scene. 2:

Bulbul enters home very tired.She sits in sofa

and switch on the TV.Pragya enters the house

“somebody must be too happy here”.She also sits

and calls her mother”Mom!!! Come here please”.

A voice came”Just 2 minutes …preparing ur

coffee”.Pragya goes to kitchen and helps her.

They came with some snacks.Bulbul says “Mom!!

I m very hungry…give me soon” and eats the

Snacks with much hunger. Pragya says “Enough

Bulbul …I have important matter to say..Its about future”.

Bulbul “Dii let me guess…Mom !!! Dii is ready

For marriage!!” And goes to hug pragya.Pragya

says “I m Serious ” and says the matter and worries

“Don’t know what event to conduct”.Bulbul says

” Better u conduct any Rocking…wait wait wait!!!

Can we try any performance from my music band??”.Pragya says “No bulbul!!.We have to think

Something big”.Bulbul gets thinking and gets an amazing

idea and shouts”Rock star!!! “.Pragya sees her puzzled.

Bulbul says” Di …my Rockstar???”

Pragya starts thinking and says”Let me think about this”.

She goes to her room and calls someone.

Scene 3:

Abhi wakes from his sleep.He sees a big crowd

around him clicking pics.He then realises that

he slept in that park.He tries to move but can’t.

The crowd surrounded him crazily.Pragya comes

to that park for her morning walk which is near

to her home.She sees the crowd and thinks “What

happened there?? and thinks “If any accident??”.She goes towards the crowd.

She moves the people and goes to the centre.

She hears some people talking “Pour Abhi!!!

Caught into trouble.Anyone try to save him”

Pragya hears this and thinks”Sure someone is

in problem.” She sees people taking photos

and shouts”What kind of people u are???…Someone

is in trouble u r taking his photos??? What kind of human u r??.”

She sees him from back.He yet sat on the bench biting his

thumb finger and thinking.Pragya goes to him and says “Don’t worry

Mr.Abhi .I m here come with me”.He gets stunned with that voice and stands.

Pragya holds his hands and pulls him hard as the crowd was more.

He tries to see her face but he cant see.(Because she is

dragging him and going front).She still with great difficulty takes him few steps

but suddenly she heard some men’s voice saying”Move!!! “.Now she

can hear the sound more clear.She sees the big boys obviously

the security boys and shocked.Like a sudden thunder in a hurry to

rescue their boss they push pragya hard.Pragya fell on the ground

among the crowd.Abhi still in a shock tries to do something but

his securities gets him fast to his car.Abhi feels restless and turns

to go and see the girl.He gets more tensed and his eyes almost

full of tears.He again and again turns.He tries to say something but

the words caught by his deep hurt.He cant even walk.He becomes weak

and feels dizzy.

Abhi goes with his guards.He again

turns to see the girl.He tries to speak but his tears from

his eyes blocks the words from his mouth.His guards take him near the

car.Abhi yet tries to see the girl but only he can see is

a lot of exciting eyes which is not enough for him.

He is searching for those eyes which made him amazed.

He sits in his car in totally broken.His eyes is almost pushes its tears.

He sees the crowd for a last time.The car starts moving.

He heart pulls him to stop and says just go!! See the girl!!

May be she is???.Still his mind scolds that heart and says

No chance!!! It can’t be her!!!.He with his all strength in

a confident says”Its not her Abhi!! ” He cries in his heart

and says “It should not be her!!”.His rolling tears showed

his hurt and he wipes his tears fast and his hands are

almost shivering.He struggles to compose himself.

He reaches his home and walks fast.After he gets into his room

and searches something.He throws the vase over glass table

while searching…breaks all the things.He shouts some names

they came running into his room.He roared”Get lost all of you…

no one should be here.I wanna be alone”.All servants goes immediately

While going out they too confused about their boss’s

behaviour.Abhi closes all the windows,curtains of his room

and sits in a chair closing his face with his hands.

The words of her starts echoing the room.Slowly Abhi gets

lost in the flashback.Abhi standing in a boys queue.

She standing in girls queue.Both waiting for a long time.

(Its a queue while college admission.)She sees Abhi

and recalls her grandmother stories,which had admired a lot

in her childhood.The stories are about A Prince .

she always used to imagine The Prince’s face in her childhood.

But she can’t .When she saw Abhi,She fixed him

as Prince in her heart.Abhi gets tired and goes

to sit.She sees him going and thinks to follow him.But

she don’t wanna miss the queue.She struggles …she cant

go and still she cant stand there.She wonders “What is this???

Why I m missing him?? He is a stranger!!”.Her heart reminded

She finally goes following him.

She sees him sitting in a chair.She stares him from there.

Abhi sees her while standing up,she gets shocked and hides.

She gets nervous and runs towards the queue.Abhi stands

in his queue.He starts seeing the queue ,searches her.

He finds her as he saw her specs before.She says to herself “Stupid!!!Don’t do it again” and sees Abhi seeing her.She gulps and keeps her lips tight.Abhi sees her talking

to herself and her reaction then thinks “She is cute!!” and smiles.

She attends the interview first,she takes a look at him and

goes inside the room.She comes out with a great

joy as she got admission.She goes out of the college

and stops an auto and asks him to go to the hostel and tells the hostel name.The driver

starts moving but she suddenly stops and get out of

as the auto ,as if she forgot something important like certificate or else.She then runs into the office and takes a long breath.She starts looking

the queue.She is very disappointed as she cant find

him.She breaths out heavy and goes out.She took an

auto.She sees the city which I new to her.She thinks about

family and thinks” This is first time she is living far from

her family.But why I m missing him??”.She gets puzzled

and consoles herself saying that he is just a stranger.

His face comes before her again.She diverts herself from

thinking about him.

Credit to: Hateera

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