A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 57)- May be Last Episode


Chapter 57: I got you

Abhi walks slowly thinking everything happened…How she reacted

to him everytime he tried to hide the truth..He says “So she hided

to comfort me…she was hurting herself..Even after knowing the truth

she was just stood with me…But what I am doing now?? Leaving her

there crying…He just stops and turns slowly (Everyone please switch ur

head phones to song from bhaagi…Na jeya zindagi ek pal bhi…) runs

towards The room where he came..And song stops!! Pragya gets down from bed

and pulls out the needle from her hand and shouts in pain!! She cries “Where

have you gone Mr.Abhi!!” and about to fall just then Abhi reaches there and

hugs her like a little kid.Pragya who is surprisingly shocked and feels him carrying

her in his arms while hugging.Abhi says “I am sorry!!”.Pragya concerningly asks

“Mr.Abhi??”.Abhi says “I am sorry baby!! I am really sorry for everything!!”.Pragya

gets emotional and asks “Why you are apologizing?? Its not your mistake..Its

all my mistake..I hide the truth and I pretended…cheated you…”.Abhi closes her mouth

and says “Please!! Don’t say these words..They makes me guilty !!”.Pragya cries and

they stood there for more time..Here few moments before

Purab searches Abhi everywhere and calls Pragya.

She says “Purab ..You come to hospital..we both will go and search him…”.Purab reaches

hospital.He enquires about the too and reaches the room…He sees them hugging and smiles.

He says “Thank God!! They are fine!!”.He sees Bulbul calling him and smiles.He says “Here!!

An another chapter starts…Hello??”.Bulbul in worried voice says “Di is not in home!! Purab..

Don’t know what to do..!!”.He decides to tease her and says “Oh!! Lets search her ..

Come and meet me in 10 minutes..”.Bulbul worriedly goes out and Here Purab goes out

seeing Them.

Pragya asks: “Mr.Abhi??”.

Abhi asks: “Yes Mr.Pragya??”

Pragya : Still when you are going to hold me like this??”.

Abhi : Still my life ends..

Pragya: Oh really!!??Then we are gonna be statue here…”.

Abhi : What??

Pragya : Yeah!! If you keep me like this for your life time..people will think us

a statue..leave me down..

Abhi nods as no..

Pragya warns him : Mr.Abhi leave me first!!

Abhi : No!!

Pragya: Cant you see ?? This is hospital!! Just leave me Mr.Abhi!!”.

Abhi : Ok!! On one condition!!

Pragya : Tell me fast!!

Abhi: No Mr.Abhi from now…Only Abhi!!

Pragya : That’s it!! Ok Mr.Abhi…sorry..ok Abhi!! Leave me now!!.

Abhi : And one more!!.

Pragya: No..You told only one condition!

Abhi : Are you ordering me?? I am the one to order you..so just stop your

bakwas and kiss me fast!!

Pragya shocked and shouts “what!!??”.

Abhi smilingly “You heard it right..I told what you heard!!”.

Pragya pinches him and runs from him.Abhi shouts “You crazy little!!

Wait there.!!”.

Pragya stops running as many people where in hospital so she walks

shying.Soon Abhi reaches her and holds his hand circling her waist.

She stunned and asks “What you are doing?? What others will think??”.

Abhi smilingly says “I like ur embarrassed face.. Its the best expression in your face..”.

A song plays…Tanu itna Mein pyaar karhan..ek pal savaaru karahan…

Ki tereliye dhuniyan chod thi hai..tuj pehi saans anke ruke..ma tuj ko kithna chahathahun ..

Yeh tu kabhi soch na sake…plays…

….Hai dears hope you enjoyed the Story……. and I will be back soon with “”A Restless Rockstar and his Secret fan!!” Season 2…or…An another ff for other series..hope you support me…If you need a season 2 ..please tell me…sure I had left our Bulbul and Purab there.. Ha ha ha…because I really felt good seeing the current track….

Waiting here to see your ideas…love you guys thanks fa everything

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  1. happy ending yaaaaaaaa as u make happy rockstar

  2. Maahi

    heyyyy hatuuuu long time nd ur backkk nd dr did pragya is fuggi i am confused with his behaviour but a perfect ending haha today no restless dualogue as its an end u rockeddd it keeeeep rockinghh

  3. I really love this ff very much and eagerly wait for u to update so please come up with season 2. Want to see the left rabul track.

  4. Prathi

    Wow after a long time!! Please come back with season 2 enjoyed this one a lot!!!

  5. Superb bt u end it in an unexpected way n also in an unexpected timing yaar… it’s nice yaar

  6. U gave me a shock…. Please come back soon…..

  7. Mukundraj

    why you end this ff please come back with season 3 plz

  8. Reshma_Pradeep

    At last You Were Backkkkkkk with a A Superbbbbbbbbbbbb Endinggggg!!!!!!!!!

  9. Superb ending!

  10. Saranya24

    Omg missed u to the core yaar awesome ending but pragya oly fuggi or not iam confused pls clear tat abd of course we need season2 but pps reguparly dear love u??????

  11. Pls. Reply me yaar i am just confused…may be another epi…but what is the past ya… and is that pragya is the one whom abhi loved in college days…and what is the past….i am now really restless….repky me fast yaar anyone…oresle i will think on it and become a physco

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