A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 56)

Chapter – A Secret Revealed!!

Abhi takes Pragya to hospital and sits tensed.He sees her family doctor and goes to talk.,but soon doctor starts to scold him “What Mr.Abhi?? Everytime its you…Now what you did with my patient?? And do you have any idea?? How heavy the fever is??”.Abhi just looked worried remains silent..Then says “I am sorry doctor!! This happened without my..”.Doctor interrupts”Its ok Mr,Abhi ..I don’t want your reasons.. Just take care of her then..”.Abhi nods his head and goes to see Pragya.He holds her hands and says “Why you make me feel guilty again and again..I cant see you like this because of me,,.. today …I will give an end to this…”.He sees her getting conscious and asks “Are you ok??”.Pragya feeling tired tries to get up but he makes her Ly on bed…She asks “Mom?? You told everyone??”. Abhi shockingly says “Oh!! I really forgot…sorry..I will inform now..”. Pragya holds his hand and says “Leave it..,let them …I am ok..no need to worry them..”.Abhi says ok and asks “What’s the need to become a superwoman?? You could have told me..”.Pragya says “I could not..” Abhi just stares her and sees mesmerised…She notices him and thinks to divert ..She asks “When to discharge?? Doctor told anything??”.He just continued..She really feels embarrassed and sees in other side…He says “I really don’t want to miss you …And really thought I missed you.. Don’t try to leave me…will you leave me ? Again??”.Pragya puzzled and thinks “What happened to him..why he is speaking like this suddenly?? May be he is thinking Piya..”.She says “See Mr.Abhi I am Pragya ok!! So cone out of your imaginations and talk to me..Not to your Fuggi!! Ok!!”. Abhi stoned andlooks at her weird and confused..She looks at him and asks “What now?? Why you are looking me like this??”.Abhi says “You..Knew it?”. Pragya realises that she blabbered ..and gets shocked and nervous…

Abhi says in a broken tone..”So..You knew everything!! And you pretended!! Cheated me!!??”.Pragya tries to explain but he walks out with a great anger. Pragya sits there as she could not move..She thinks something and calls Purab…Purab who was riding bike hears her and gets shocked.Her asks “Di?? You knew everything??”.Pragya shouts “Yes Purab!! I knew everything!! And I pretended ok?? Let me be the Culprit!! Please be with him..Dont let him alone!! You have more tine to scold or hate me..First please search him!!”. She ends the call and cries badly.Purab who gets emotional calls Abhi’s number and starts searching him…

While Abhi standing outside the ward room emotionally…He says “Now too… I thought you were cheater…But why I am always wrong?? I am not the one for you Pragya,…I don’t deserve you!!”.He goes somewhere looking at her…

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  1. Ohhhh god wat a twist eagerly waiting for next part

  2. Superb! Eagerly waiting for the next part!

  3. nice yaaaaaaaaa

  4. Saranya24

    Omg u always leave wit suspenses pls unite them soon yaar☺

  5. Nice episode..

  6. Maahi

    restless restless restless again dr but awesomeeeeeee tuning u rocked itttt nd I love pragzz in diz ur amazing b backnsoooon

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