A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 54)


Chapter 54- A Fresh breeze!

Our chapter starts with Bulbul trying to remove her hands from his. Purab smiles mockingly and says ” Don’t try anymore… You can’t do it!!”. Bulbul looks him angrily and asks “What happened to you?? What’s ur problem??”. Are you out of your mind?? You are holding me in my home..what will happen if my Mom sees us!?”.She sees the rain angrily and shouts seeing the sky “Can’t you Too hear me??!! Irritating!!”.She feels his grip tightened and looks him scared.Bulbul sees him seriously now.He says “Why I am feeling mad seeing you?? I really can’t Control myself !!”.She looks him worriedly.He says ” I think…I love you!!”.She stunned and still looks at him…Gerua song plays from m dilwale…

Here Pragya sitting in room thinking ” So..from now I should be more conscious about my decisions.. or it makes our both lives complicated. She thinks something and says ” Yeah!! This will work…But..I have to move on before that…!!”.She calls Ronnie and says something…Ronnie brings Rashmi and goes out.Rashmi sees her with a great nervousness and sees Pragya telling her to sit.She asks “Mam?? What happened??”.

Pragya casually asks ” How was your exams??”.Rashmi hesitantly says “Yeah mam..Its was good..”. Pragya sees her intensely and asks “Are you still in the same Decision??”.Rashmi without thinking says “Yes mam..”.Pragya asks “Why you are keeping blind faith on him?? Already he loved another girl!! And how can he love u too??”.Rashmi says “No mam!! You are completely wrong about this.. When ones love is true ..it will sure go to them.. Yourself told this on that day… I believe in it..and happened… Love is not what we or others think!! It is what we believe!! I believed.. And I got it too !! Your words are damn true mam…!!” .Pragya thinking deeply says “OK you can go now..”.Rashmi goes out and soon Rohan enters .Pragya and he talks for sometime and Pragya seems relived and felt fresh as her mind thought a good idea.She while driving to home recalls Rohans words..”Mam..I didn’t thought..I too will get a person who will be there for me in my hardships without any expectations… may be I did not love her at start but Mam..I decided …When I thought of her going away from me..I felt I am incomplete without her…I don’t want her to Lose her to another.. She should be mine always!!”.She stops the car suddenly and smiles saying “Possessiveness!!!”.Yea Allah waariyan..lays while she drives home happily…She enters home and Searches Bulbul happily.She goes upstairs where Purab and Bulbul standing staring at each other.

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