A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 53)


Chapter-A New Chapter!!

Our Abhi looks at her surprised and stares her.While Pragya seeing him smilingly and thinking “Please Mr.Abhi..Just Walk out from here without accepting!! I dont wanna be your Just Friend!!”.Abhi steps back and turns thinking “What happened to her suddenly!!?? Why she is doing this?? What she would be thinking now??”.He turns and looks at her but he just saw a pair of twinkling eyes seeing him with eagerness.He offers his hand too and says “Friend request accepted!!”.Pragya felt weak seeing his great smile and fears whether she could control herself or not.

They both goes from there.

Here Purab helps Bulbul.Bulbul asks “Why are you here??”. He casually says “I thought to see you..So I came”. Bulbul stunned and asks “What??”.He says “Yeah..Really I know I am sounding weird but!! I dont wanna hide thus from you..”.Bulbul sees him lovingly and screams “Oh My God!! My dresses it would be gone by this rain..!!”. She runs upstairs and stops seeing rain.She sees the rain abd folds her hands and says “See..Are you testing my patience?? How much trouble you are giving in one day??”.She shocked to see someone pushed her from back.Bulbul screams and about to fall.She feels her hand is held by someone and the rain falls on her.She tries to move but the hand held her in a way…Which wont let her move..If she tries to move..Then she have to fall down.She shouts “Please pull me na?? This rain is irritating!!”.

Purab pulls her with him in rain and smiles victoriously…

Bulbul in an angry tone says “Leave me Purab!! Its really annoying!!”. Purab says “I Love Rain!! So you too have to!!”.Bulbul surprised asks “What?? Are you crazy??”.Purab says “Yeah!!Kinda!” and sees her smilingly. Chal wahaan jaate hain…chal wahaan jaate hain..Pyaar karne chalo … Ham wahaan jate hain…plays…

Here Pragya reaches her institute and recalls the previous moments.. She curses herself and says “How could I do this? I promised Piya… But how could I see him depressed like that..The moment he stared at the knife!! God!! I was dead!! But He is ok now…Thus is enough for me.. I dont want anything..”.She sees the exams going on ..She sees Rashmi writing the exam and smiles…She says “Time will heal everything…” Haan hasi bangaye…Haan nami bangaye..tum mere hasuma…Mere zamee bangaye..Plays from Hamari adhuri kahani…

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  1. Nice yaar .I know u may be busy but pls try to update regularly if not atleast when u update pls give bit longer episode yaar.I love ur story.pls iam eager to see Abhigya’s union.pls try to unite them asap.waiting for the nxt update.

  2. It was awesome I loved it to the core

  3. It’s awesome yaar grt episode really superb tat their hate s somewhat unknowingly n also unwillingly by pragya turned to frdship I’m excited n eagerly waiting for next part thn plzzzzzz plzzzzz update regularly yaar

  4. wow super yaaaaaaaa

    waiting 4 next 1 n pls update regularly

  5. Nice episode yaar…

  6. VarshaVenkat

    Loved it to d core

  7. Superb!!!

  8. Nice dear waiting fr nxt part???

  9. Prathi

    Please please Update regularly yaar, Nice one

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