A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 52)


Chapter – Friends??Our chapter starts with Abhi holding walking away ..her words echoes in

his ears..He stops suddenly and recalls the same words he said to Fuggi..

“She is just a passing cloud!!”.His eyes teared and he says “Its really weird

Fuggi !! I am getting punished now.,, for what I did you on that day!!! And

with the same painful words..now I am realising..How painful those words

are..I am missing you badly Fuggi!! Why you gone leaving me?? And I too

cant be here with all these guiltiness…Please ..”.He sees a knife there and

stops talking…

Here Bulbul shocked to see Kishore and smiles.He asks “Why is your mood is

so bad!!?”.Bulbul sees outside and keeps her face sad.He laughs and asks

“Actually I was noticing you ..you are really weird!! How could you hate raun??

And I thought every girl would be crazy to enjoy in rain..”.Bulbul gives ignoring

gesture and says “See!! I am not any special creature..I just dont like it!! And

I cant fake my feelings too..”.Both has a great talk and Kishore was just

seeing her with amused eyes..He stands to go as his stop came..He looks

her for few seconds and says “Really..you are weird ..but its good..I like it!!”.

Bulbul too smiles and says “Hey.,yaat I am not weird!! I am just a practical

girl..”.She wonders “Wow!! How can this happen?? If I was not thinking of

Purab!! Thank god!! I would have mistaken this feeling…”.

She steps in her home and sees Purab sitting in already…She shocked and

drops her bag and everything in her hands.Purab too shocked and

Walks near her.She asks “You?? “.While picking the things He said “Yes Me…”.

Abhi looks at a knife and goes near that,Just then Pragya comes to him and

stands inbetween.She stares him with a concern.Abhi says “Go from my way..”.

She says “No!!”.He looks at her surprised and says “Why you are standing

here ..infront of me..What do you want now??”.She says “I want you…(Which

shocked Abhi and she too little nervous says )I mean I want you to come with

me..”.He asks “Where??”.She smiles and drags him with her.Both goes out

and Abhi is asking where they are going…She stops at a park where she saw

him first and asks “Do you remember anything?? In this place??”.Abhi recalls

searching his Pendent and Found it with a note..”.He says “I dont remember

anything…”.She gets irritated and calms herself.She says “Lets forget everything..

Friends??”.Abhi stunned and sees her worriedly.He thinks of denying it .but his

heart asks him to let it to see her face…He looks at her tensedly..While Pragya

sees him hopefully.

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  1. super yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    friend????????????? abhi????????????????

  2. yaar please unite them yaar

  3. It was awesome I loved it to the core

  4. Nice episode.pls ….!! unite abhigya.

  5. Nice episode yaar thn @lst abhigya s moving on with next level frds…

  6. Arey tis s not fair wen wil u unite them i cant wait pls unite soon ma ☺

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Nice…..

  8. Superb….

  9. Krish

    Niceeee epiiii but wat thy r gonna b frnds????waitng fr te nxt epiiii

  10. Maahi

    omg yaar frndsp gonna blossom I dont ask uu to unite thm nw bcoz I am loving diz suspense dr keep rocking

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