A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 50) The New Blossoms

Chapter :The New Blossoms!!

Bulbul surprised and notices herself smiling hearing the song

and says in a shocked tone “Why I am flying in dreams?? Like..

Every heroine will do in serials..,.Bulbul!! Just be practical!!

They all just a nonsense…I need to ignore this!! Yeah!! This is

right!!”.She thinks “But I am feeling now to see him…once again..

(She takes a deep breath and says )But it would never happen!!

How could it be possible??”.She sees its raining and covers her

face with her shaul.She irritatedly says “Now this rain!! How will

i reach home now!! “.And gets more tensed to see the traffic..,she

curses “I am gone today yaar!! This traffic!! That too today?? With this

rain?? Impossible!! Is God is planning this with me?? Why this all

happening to me?? I hate rain..this wet ..and dirty atmosphere..and

I really cant get how all the girls like this rain..,This my great enemy!!”,

She folds her hands and sees the rain irritatedly…

Here Pragya doing her works and sees the clock frequently…She says

to herself “What I am doing?? I decided to not speak with him.,,but why

I am disturbed hearing Ronnie…I dont care what he thinks!! I never try

to see him anyway…”.She sits looking at her phone and staring it worriedly.

She gets an idea and calls Payal.Payal attends and asks “Mam?? “.Pragya

does not talk and remains silently.Payal gets she is hesitant and is trying

to ask about abhi.Payal smiles thinking “How much she loves him!! Then

why this separation?? I hope they will unite soon..

Pragya asks “Payal..how is he??”.Payal shouts “Bhai !! What have you done!??

You are bleeding!!??”.Pragya stoned and says “What!! Payal?? Payal?? What

happened??”.She sees her call ended and stands suddenly.She walks fast

but stops at door and thinks “How would I meet him?? I promised Piya that

he would be always hers..But?? I cant see him in pain?? What To do??

God please help me!! I never asked you anything..because..you gave me

Everything!! But now!! I am not asking him to be with me…but nothing

should happen to him!!”.She consoles herself and says “No!! I will not see

him..but I will make sure he is safe..! “.She runs out.

Female version of sanam re song plays…

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  1. Nice dear but short but i think u may be busy update wen u r free live u????

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  3. making restless yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Nice episode.more abhigya scenes pls.but yaar today also I felt it is short episode.

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    great episode just be regular and post little long

  9. Nice episode yaar n big thank you for uploading yaar…

  10. It was awesome waiting for next episode

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