A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 5) – A touch in Swaragini!!


Scene 1:

Our episode starts with Abhi gets shocked.His eyes were widened!! And thought “Oh my God !! I m dead today!!

Soon he starts think”If it is fuggi first she will scold

me …why she is hugging???”he gets lot of doubts.

But his heart said let her hug and he also holds her

hands.Don’t know how long they stand our abhi

starts flying in sky.His lips widened with great smile

and asks her “Why you didn’t get angry on me Fuggi??

I thought u would kill me…”The girl now hugs him more tight and

says “I can’t hate u ever my Rockstar” and hugs him more tight.

Abhi turns and holds her face with hands.The girl face is shown

as pragya’s with her specs.She sees his both eyes.The wind blew now

more soft and her hairs hides her face.Abhi moves her hairs and says”How you know me this

much Fuggi???Even I can’t guess me…But u r just amusing me

Each and every second”.Pragya sees his eyes with light smile and says “All lovers

will only say this words to impress a girl.Don’t try to

Cheat me !!!” and turns back.Abhi gets angry and

turns her suddenly by pulling her hand.
She shouts in pain and says “See Its paining!! Leave

My hand”.Abhi with angry voice says”See my eyes”.Pragya

gets scared and sees his eyes with some hesitant.He

asks “I m serious.”She then breath out and gets some

strength to speak and says”I know.You no need to explain”.

Abhi gets back from his flashback.He realizes that tears

rolled from his eyes and says”There is no love in this world

Abhi”.He wipes his tears in his thumb finger and starts

walking around the park.

Scene 2:

Both bulbul and swara hugs with each other.A gang of boys just

pass them.Bulbul sees Purab and turns her face.Purab’s eyes

just in a second notices her bandage and goes with his friends.

Bulbul then sees her mobile and says “Dii’s call??”.

And calls her back.Pragya’s voice can’t hear.Bulbul says “Yeah Dii!!!

I m ok.My first day gave me more amazing things”She hears pragyas

words and says “Dii.???Are you ok??Ur voice???”.Then becomes silent

and says “oh…ok dii ..bye”.And goes to her class with Swara.

Swara and Bulbul sits in their class playing the guitar notes.They played

With great joy.In fact a cold competition is going on

But its a healthy fight.All gets out for lunch.But the

Friends still playing the guitar.Swara gets a call and

goes to talk.Meanwhile Bulbul is sitting alone reading her

notes and playing.Purab enters the room and sees bulbul

playing guitar.He comes towards her.Bulbul sees him and

stands up.Purab says little loud”See I don’t wanna hurt u..

Damn its a mistake!!! (sees bulbul’s angry face and he gets anger and says)

I shouldn’t have asked sorry …Just forget it!!!”.And goes out

Swara comes and asks bulbul “what happened??” Bulbul says

“Nothing” and starts playing.Swara gets thinking.

Scene 3:

Here Pragya says Ronnie enough of ur jiju thoughts.First finish this work.”Ronnie goes out of her cabin

She says “I don’t have time to think that” and sees some files.(this is a scene when bulbul calls pragya)

She attends the call checking some mail and says

“say my sweety …how is ur first day???”.She smiles and says “Nice bulbul

Do you u make any friends???(She sees some mail and and gets shocked)What’s this???”.

On other end bulbul gets nervous and asks what happened.She says

“I have some work bulbul.I will call u later” and cuts the call.She peers

the mail and calls Ronnie and said “Ronnie,Its urgent…Come fast”

And cuts the call.

Ur hateera signing off for just now.

Credit to: Hateera

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    1. Sure dear!!

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