A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 49) A New Blossom

A New Blossom

Our chapter starts with Abhi starting his car but it doesn’t start.He comes

Out irritated and curses..He looks at Payal and goes to talk another car.

Payal stops him but he asks”What she is thinking of herself?? She made me

Wait ..”.Payal interrupts and says “Bhai!! There was misunderstanding..Ronnie

by mistake told that she would come here..”.Abhi shattered realising it and

thinks “Then…she ..even don’t want to fight with me?? I thought..she would

come at least to slap or scold me…but why she??”.He goes in thinking and

sits in sofa.While here Pragya working instructs Ronnie about his works.

Ronnie feels nervous as he increased the problems ..now again misunderstanding

between them!!.He asks “Di..”.Pragya while reading a mail asks “Mm..”.Ronnie

hesitantly says “Actually..I ..”.Pragya ignoringly asks “Now what mess you did??”.

Ronnie shocked and asks “How do you know??”.Pragya closes the file and asks

“Tell me…”.He says what happened and says “Di..I am really sorry…I thought

you gone to meet him…”.Pragya thinking for a while says “Just leave it…Its

not a problem now…”.Ronnie asks “Di..please na..you guys patch up soon na??

I really miss seeing you guys together!!”.Pragya smiles and thinks “Always

Daydreaming!!”and gets thinking…

Here Purab runs after Bulbul and he holds her hand.She turns and frees her hand

and says “Enough…I have to leave now..”Purab feels sad and thinks “Why I feel

worried seeing her leaving??”.She thinks “Today..Is really a great day…for the

first time I really felt him different..and special…Why??”.She stops hearing him

calling her.She smiles and turns.He asks “Shall I drop you?? I mean …If you..”.

Bulbul asks “No…I will go by bus..”.Purab gets sad and looks at her.Bulbul

too feels bad and thinks “I am sorry Purab…”.She sits in seat and waves her

hand and he waves with a wry smile.He says wondering”Why my heart feels

heavy ??”.Bulbul who plugs in her earphone and thinks of the moment today with

Purab…chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehatahoon…itni si baat hai…muje tumse pyaar hai

plays…she startled hearing song and realised she is smiling widely…She

says “Why I am happy thinking of him??”.


Bulbul says in a shocked tone “Why I am flying in dreams?? Like..

Every heroine will do in serials..,.Bulbul!! Just be practical!!

They all just a nonsense…I need to ignore this!! Yeah!! This is

right!!”.She thinks “But I am feeling now to see him…once again..

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  1. Maahi

    u knw wattttt just dont talk to me u nvr knw hw I am crazyyyyyy fr ur update u made me restless evryday but I was njoying tht a lotttttttttttttttttt nd suddenly u disappered nd left me in suspense besides the ff u knw hw much I missed uuu but u nvr understand nd ur talking abt less cmmnts atleast u would hv updated fr ur loyal cmmntrs naaa dr nd remember I am one in it I go crazy fr ur updates bcoz they r a way too crazyyyyyyy nd today episode was awesome keep rocking I vil b waiting restlessly srry if I hurt with my blabbering but wat to do u made me tht crazy lv uuuu nd I lvd dizzz episode nd I hope u vil keep ur prmse

  2. Dear u made us crazy tis much days but lovely yaar pls try to update regularly love u????

  3. I was missing ur ff a lottttttttt….so happy that u uploaded today…nd today’s episode was superb…eagerly waiting for the next part….

  4. VarshaVenkat

    Diiiiii…missed ur ff a lott…..really di….today’s episode was really an restless episode……pls di….Cause I was thinking whether I shd throw eggs r tomatoes r chappals but changed my mind set as u r my di n I’m not supposed to do dat…..this cmnt may b small but guess it’ll b an cmnt which will at least reach u…..

  5. Prathi

    Hateera please yaar you are making us restless please please please please please do continue your FF.. Don’t disappear again I beg of you.. Your FF is one of a kind.. Not only yours everyone’s is one of a kind I feel like reading a single page of so many books at the same time while reading all You guys FF’s so please don’t stop is my request… Hope you will continue..

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superb……

  7. i miss it lot

    pls keep going ff very nice one yaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. Superb episode yaar… Waiting for the next update…

  9. It was awesome I loved it

  10. Amazing episode.enjoyed it.unite abhigya soon yaar n ya purbul’s feeling towards eachother was wonderful.but it was short episode yaar try to update a longer one , hope u dint take me wrong.update it regularly , iam waiting for the next long n interesting episode.keep going…!!

  11. Nice episode yaar plzzzz upload regularly… To b frank I just miss the continuity of reading yaar today I just go through previous episode n now reading tz one plzzzz update regularly thn I’m not saying I forgot it I just saying tat I just miss my continuity tats it… Hope u vl update regularly

  12. Krish

    im reallyyy angry on u u made me wait tis much u know how much egarllyy waitng fr ur ff but now k plsssssss update regularly dr nd srrrryyyyyyyyy fr te late cmnt Awesomeeeeeeee epiiiiiii im egarly waitng fr te nxt epiiiiii…………i think i didnt cmnt on ur prev epiiiii srryyy fr tat i was anger on u tats y……………..

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