A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 46)

Chapter -The Break up!!

Bulbul goes away and Swara asks “What happened ??”.Bulbul says “That..Chocolate

thing..remembered my Di..She too had a habit…”.Swara holds her and Convinces her.

Purab who is still thinking of Pragya and says “Something is going on her..But she…”.

Here we see Abhi sitting seeing his phone..(Don’t know how long he is sitting like that!!).

Payal comes to him and says “Enough bhai!! Don’t burst it by looking!!”.She sits with

much frustration and asks “What you are thinking?? What is going?? Don’t you tell me??”.

Abhi still looking at phone.She asks “At least tell me..To whose call you are waiting!!??

Tell me na?? My head is like …!!”.Abhi smiles seeing her getting mad and says “Everything

is getting complicated Payal…I just asked a simple and happy life !! But What I got??

Everything is a mess in my life now!!”.Payal asks “Please Bhai…I cant see like this…

Just open your heart…and do you have any idea?? How worried I am??”.Abhi sees his mobile

and shouts “What she us thinking of herself!!?? I thought she would call me at least to scold

me!! But see..she is…just killing my brain…I cant judge her!! What she is thinking..I don’t

know anything..Better I should meet her!!”.Payal holds his hand and stops him.She asks “Whats

your problem bhai?? Few days before you scolded her to not meet you!! Now why you are

trying to disturb her?? What do you want?? I cant understand your doing!!”.

Abhi looks at her and thinks “I am sorry payal..I cant say any truth to you…Idea!! Lets say her what happened yesterday

and see how she reacts..And it will give some idea what Pragya would be thinking now!!”.

He says “Actually ..Yesterday I told her that…I pretended like hating her…so that she could

realise her love on me…”.Payal shocked..asks “What!!?? You hurt her so much…just to

make her realise ?? Bhai!! Have you gone mad??!!”.Abhi worried and asks “No Payal…She

told she needed sometime…but I know she loves me..so..”.Payal asks “Bhai!! How can you

force her?? She is really a matured women…if she realises her love..she would have told you…

So what’s the need of such drama…,”.Abhi stands still thinking and she says “Bhai!! This time

I cant support you…You played with her feelings!! How can you do thus to her,…and that day

How much you hurt her?? Even I can’t take this!! Definitely!! If I were in her place na! Sure

I would have dumped you !!”.She shocked and sees Abhi already he is seeing her.She asks

“What if she ??”.Abhi thinks in his heart “Its good if she dumps me…”.She asks “Bhai!! Shall
I talk to her??”.Abhi who felt relieved says “No ..I will talk to her… You go now..”.

Payal warns “Bhai!! Sure you have to apologise her!! Ok??”.Abhi smiles and says”Ok..”.And thinks

“It would be better to stay away from her life now…”.

Here Pragya thinking something and stands saying “Why I am thinking this?? I didn’t have any

relation …and Now too…Be had every connection with Piya!! So It would be better to move on..

To both of us…”.She says “How dare he…say those words to me?? And again try to fool me!!

He will pay for this…”.She walks out and sees her mom Praying…She thinks “How can I forget

about mom…I was floating in only his thoughts…as of he is my world!! Its all my fault…”.

And for few moments she stood there cursing herself.

In evening Purab is starting his bike and sees Bulbul and Swara.He goes to them and stops

before them without saying anything.Bulbul sees him but he stands there hesitantly.Swara

sees them both and asks”Now what?? I have to go??”.Bulbul says “No Swara!! No need..lets

Go!!”.Purab sees Swara but she says “Ok..ok..I know that look…and what does it mean…but

tell me one thing..where is Kishore??”.Purab sees her wonders and says “He went to classroom..

as he forgot something…”.She sees Bulbul and says “Bulbul!! I am sorry..but I have to go

now..so be a good girl!! And sort out the things between you ok?? Bye..”.Bulbul looks her angrily

and sees him with the same look.He asks “How is dii??”.She asks “Wow!! How come you asked

me now??Go ask your bhai!! And I am not ready to talk with you…”.Purab says “Bulbul!! Please

here me once!!”.Bulbul asks “How can I?? When I tried badly to talk to you..You just ignored me!!

Just remember yourself..everytime I asked you something…You never responded!! So I don’t

have any thing to deal with you..So stay away!!”.He gets angry and says “You na!! Just be like

that!! Its my mistake to talk with you!! Better I would talk to any wall!! At least it would remained

silent!!”.Bulbul fumes and goes from there..


Abhi confused and asks”What you are saying??Who is meeting whom??”.

Payal says like surprise”Pragya mam..is coming to meet you!!”.Abhi shocked asks “What??”.

Payal says “Yeah bhai!! Ronnie informed me..that she went just now..So you better

prepare yourself to apologize!!”.Abhi feels happy..but worried.


I am really really reaaaaaallllyyyyy sorry guys…I made you wait fa long time… A lot of stuff was there to finish…

I hope u still remember me and my story….

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  1. U….i would check every half an hour thinkijg u wold have updated but u made me wait for so much time….but as usual today’s epi is mind blowing as well as ended with suspence …pls be regular dear

  2. Ammu

    Superb episode hateera di.
    You are just awesome
    Superb di

  3. Nice episode yaar really superb btttt y u take a longggggggggggggggg brk to continue NXT part yaar….plzzzz here after update regularly yàar I badly missed ur ff n also I felt tat u just discontinued so I scold u in my mind bt sryyyuuu anyway thank God u came back with next part bt plzzzzzz hereafter update regularly…

  4. yaaaaaaaaaa really miss u badly

  5. It was super I loved it

  6. i am feeling restless yaar by your story line.please yaar unite them yaar we are already fed up of real story line.

  7. Uff wat a long wait dear but loved the epi??but iam sure i ll kill u one day due to frustration ?wen wil u reveal the truth and suspenses my head is breaking?pls reveal soon☺

  8. i am badly miss u dr…..How long u make me restless dr……
    Its just amazing ff….

  9. Awesome

  10. uuuuuuuuuuuuu I vil kill uuuuu reaalllly y made me soooo restless har din iss ummeedh mei rahthi hu ki tum aaj tho update kiya hoga par nahi mei tumse gussa hu yaar iss liye tujhe iss ki khimath chukani hi padega tho kimath ki naam pei suspense reveal kar bhi dona plzzzzzzz abh aur paagal math bana de yaar plzzzz haha just joking dr as usual u rocked the floor baby I just loved it intrstng precap keep rocking

  11. VarshaVenkat

    Diiiiii….how r u??its me dii…I’m dat stupid Varsha who used to give idiotic guesses which was always wrong…..remember me??well……u took a vry loong tym…so im thinking wether to punish u r not…..well I’m gonna punish u by asking u to update longer parts…. ok ??well. ….wat do u think abt todayd part??it was restless as usual….

  12. Superb episode as usual

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