A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 45)

Chapter – So-called Love!!

Pragya slowly walks towards her car and takes her medicines…She starts

feeling tired and about to sleep she hears Abhi’s voice.She gets worried

and tries to go.But she stops thinking”Let him shout!!! How rude he was!!

Now!! Its your turn Mr.Abhi!!”.She sits keeping her face with a villain expression.

She sees the sound stopped suddenly and wonders.She thinks “He stopped searching??”.

She goes out saying “Now I will not leave him!!”.She walks fast and reaches him.

She looks at him angrily as he was sitting idle.He still looking down and holding

his both hands tightly.She asks “Are you ok??”.Abhi sees her slowly and smiles

smirkingly.She asks “Now what I did?? “.Abhi stands and drags her silently..while she

walked with him looking at him.He stops near their car and asks “You wanna know the

truth right??”.Pragya looks at him worriedly thinking”No…don’t say Mr.Abhi please!!

If you confess the truth..then…”.He says “The Truth is…”.Pragya stops him “No Mr.Abhi!!

I will find myself!!”.He sees her going away and thinks “She would never stop if I make

her angry…So…better…”.He says “Truth is ..I Love You!!”.Pragya stops stunned and turns.

She asks “What!!??”.Abhi says “Yeah..”.She mockingly asks”Really?? When did you realised

this?? After our breakup?? Or After I started finding the truth??”.He says calmly” I broke our

relationship..so ..you could realize your love on me…But ..”.Pragya who is thinking”You never

change Mr.Abhi!! Always making excuses to hide the truth!!”.She about to ask something

But stops hearing Bulbul’s voice.Bulbul says “So…You pretended…Like hating my dii?? Right??”.

Abhi sees Purab..Bulbul and Ronnie.Abhi hesitantly says “Yes.,”.Purab worriedly looks Abhi and

Pragya says “We should go now..”.Pragya looks at Purab coldly and he avoided her eye contact.

Bulbul and Ronnie gets Pragya along with them.Pragya goes thinking”I can’t ask him before Bulbul..

She will be worried if she knows the truth…”.Purab asks “Bhai!! What’s all this?? What’s the need to

say “I love you” to her?? Better we should tell her!!”.Abhi hugs him and says “I couldn’t see her

hurt Purab!! And I don’t have the courage to tell her the truth..”.Purab says I worried tone.

“Bhai…If this continues..sure things will get complicated…So better..”.Abhi says “I will tell her

Purab!! But I need sometime…”.

Here Bulbul asks “Di..Are you ok??”.Pragya comes out from thoughts says “I am okay…but

Why you are here?? Ma??”.Bulbul says “Di!! What can I do then..I was worried about you!!

I don’t have any choice..so..”.Pragya gets convinced and smiles.

Here Abhi and Purab reaches the home silently…

Next morning…

Bulbul gets ready and sees Pragya still sleeping…She smiles and thinks “I don’t know what di

Is going to do !! “.She goes to college and sees Swara standing .She smiles seeing her

eating chocolates..both joins and attends the class.Purab who is listening the class recalls

Last night and thinks “Why she looked weird?? As of seeing a culprit!!”.He is recalling how

she went silently and says “Something is fishy..”.Kishore asks “Hey yaar!! Still thinking about

her?? Come lets go out!!”.Purab sees him stunned “How you know her??”.Kishore says

“Ofcourse I know yaar…I gave your number na!?? Sure you both have become friends!!

She is so cute!!!”.Purab asks “What the hell you are talking!!”.Kishore says “Actually…leave it

!! Lets go out!!”.Purab too goes with him.Swara sitting in canteen with Bulbul and Purab too

coming to canteen with Kishore.Bulbul sees Purab and turns away.Swara sees Kishore and

calls him.Four of them sat together.Kishore forwards chocolate to Swara and asks “Friends??”.

Swara happily gets it and they starts talking.Bulbul sees and recalls Piya.Purab sees her tensed

and asks “What happened??”.Bulbul says “Nothing…I have some work..so I will leave..”.Swara

too gets worried seeing her and goes after her.Purab and Kishore looks them…

Thank u sooooo much ma friends fa ur wonderful support!!!

Adhya.. Emmy.. di…
Deepika Bhaasker… varsha… Dimple.. . sandhya… saranya… maahi
…. durga… nirmal….. Rose… Monesha… Abhigya….

love u all guys!!! and silent readers too!!!

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