A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 41)

Chapter – You have no idea!!

Abhi asks Purab “Why you didn’t told me before??”.Purab hesitantly

says “Bhai..I thought to clarify my doubts…I too little confused seeing

her…But today ..she took a thing of yours from me..”.Abhi asks “What?”.

Purab says “Piya left a note and a ring to give you both…”.Abhi shocked

and asks “You gave her that??”.Purab worriedly sayz “Yeah Abhi!! I gave

the note last night…And I was thinking to give you the ring today..But..”.

Abhi irritatedly asks “But what??”.Purab says “She took that from me…”.

Abhi recalls Both he and Fuggi decides to buy a ring for them…And to

their great surprise both had selected with same design…Abhi gets tensed

“What if she read the note …and if she knows the truth..”.He steps slowly

towards out..Purab says “I think she will take care..And she told she didnt

Read the note yet…so…”.Abhi ignores him

and soon he reaches Pragya’s home.He sees her car out and runs in.He reaches

her room and hears shower sound.He thinks “Before she comes I have to snatch

the note from her…”.He searches everywhere and gets tensed as she is about to open

the door.He hides somewhere.Pragya who looked tired and her face was blank searches

something in her bag.She takes the note from her bag and is about to read stunned

to see Abhi standing infront of her…Abhi really felt weird seeing her like this.

She too felt little embarrassed asks “You here??”.Abhi stares at the note horribly says

“Just..I thought to meet you!!”.Pragya who is surprised inside but didnt shown it out.

She takes her specs from bag and is about to wear it.She sees him and keeps that on

table and says to herself “He would definitely go away..if I wear this ..” Thinks something

and gets sad.She wipes her peeping tears and sees the note.Abhi heard
her and comes near her.Pragya gets alert and keeps her face normal.Abhi takes the specs

in his hand and pulls her near him.Pragya sees him with sad eyes.Abhi makes her to wear

the specs.Abhi stares her and says “You are just completely like my fuggi!!”.Pragya who is

seen unhappy says “I am not your Fuggi Mr.Abhi!!”.Abhi stunned to hear it asks “How..”.

She says “I am The Lady Mogambo!! Then how can I be Fuggi!!??”.She goes away from

him and stop seeing Abhi held her hand.Abhi pulls her hard and close to her.He hugs her from

backside.Pragya feels his concern..but surprisingly she tries to free herself from him.He hardens

his grip and says “I know you are crying now..”.Pragya really was in tears asks “How you know

that??”.He says “I know everything!!”.Pragya painfully thinks “You know nothing Mr.Abhi!! and You have no idea..”.

A song from..Azaar movie…itni si bhaat hai…muje tumse pyaar hai…

Both cries trying to hide from each other…


Pragya asks “I have to find A Secret in my di’s accident…So If you help

me ..”.Abhi says instantly “No!!”.Pragya sees him like..just as she expected

the answer

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  1. Nice and plzzz reveal d truth asap plzzz….

    1. Sure dear!!

  2. restless restless restless again yaar plzzzz reveal the suspense soon my head is revovling but trust me njoying a lottttttttt

    1. Sure dear..within few epis …

  3. My mind will broken?

    1. Ha ha…no dear..very soon I will reveal it

  4. Haaaaa…….wen r u gonna make abhi to tell dat Piya is his lover n Not Prags..?always making us restless….loved it as usual

    1. He is too guilty na…so how could he say the truth?? ?

  5. Little confusion yaar now pragya knows abt piya n abhi relationship ah… I mean did she know tat her di loves only abhi n both have same rockstar in their life nu…

    1. Till now no…How she would know

  6. wat s tis ya did she read the note befr………….. waitng fr the nxt epii….. egarly…. y now abhi s behavng lk tis to her oho no im beng very much restlesss plssssssss try to update the nxt epi…. sooooooon

    1. Don’t know..but how she could be careless..

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice one

    1. Thank you dear

  8. Omg all ur episodes are making me restless day by day cant wait fr the truth?☺

    1. Thank you dear..soon will reveal it..dont worry

  9. Awesome

    1. Thanks dear

  10. so sad ya…
    really v can’t bare such a pain….
    .it’s hurts a lot………

    1. Oh no…sure will make you happy soon..with new chapters…

  11. Superb

  12. Superb. .yaar.. Hateera..sry for late

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