A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 40)

Chapter – Tu mera sanam Hua re

Our chapter starts with Pragya asks Purab “I need a complete Truth!! Piya..her Death..and

Her Rockstar!!”.Purab gets shocked and asks “Do you know him already??”.Pragya thinks

“Better I should avoid this…”.She says “We can find him don’t worry!! And Think deeply

what Piya said?? If she was sure?? Those goons wanted to kill me?? Was she sure??”.

Purab says “No..She was saying that she doesn’t have any enemies…and might be searching

you..”.Pragya gets thinking and says “So…she too was not sure…”.Purab says “May be..”.

Pragya asks “If she told anything else??”.Purab says “No ..she just left a note and …”.Pragya

says “That was for me..and for Rockstar??”.Purab says “That’s…”.Pragya asks “What was that??”.

Purab hesitantly takes a little box from his pocket.She sees its a jewel box and thinks

seriously…Purab notices her and asks “What happened??”.Pragya points her finger on that

box.Purab hesitates to give it to her but seeing she is getting emotional,He gives It.

Pragya gets that box and says “Purab…You can leave now!!”.Purab shocked says “No..I have to..”.

He stops seeing her anger.She says “Don’t worry!! Sure I will give this to the Rockstar!! Before

you..so you leave now…”.Purab goes from there thinking.

He reaches Abhi’s house and sees him sitting alone and lost in thoughts…Purab calls “Abhi!!”.

Abhi sees him and again turned to his old position.Purab sits infront of him and holds his hands.

He emotionally says “I am sorry Abhi!!”.Abhi surprised to his sudden apology says “Hey!! What

happened??”.Purab cries “I can’t save her that day…”.Abhi holds his shoulder and makes him

stand and asks “What you are saying?? I can’t get it!! Tell me clearly!!”.Purab stammers “That

day…Piya…I cant help her..”.Abhi under his breath says “Piya??”.He asks “When?? Piya??

What you are trying to say/?”.He stunned to hear everything and stands shocked.Purab hugs

him and says “I don’t know this would happen!! I thought to tell you first…but everything

was fine here..so said it to Pragya !!”.Abhi gets out of shock hearing this and asks “What??

You told everything to Pragya ??”.He is about to slap him but Stops hearing him saying “No

bhai!! I told about her death !! Nothing more!!”.Abhi leaves his hand down and hugs him.

He says “Thank God!! She doesn’t know about that!!”…Purab asks

“But Bhai!! Why you are hiding it from her?? She is really strong enough to handle!!”. Abhi says

“You don’t know her Purab!!!”.And he thinks “How weak she is..No one knows…I hide

my pain only in my anger…And she in her smile ..anger..attitude..everything!!”. A song plays…Sanam Re…bheegi



Purab says “Piya left a note and a ring to give you both…”.Abhi shocked

and asks “You gave her that??”.Purab worriedly sayz “Yeah Abhi!! I gave

the note last night…And I was thinking to give you the ring today..But..”.

Hi friends thanks for your great support…so today I am not gonna thank you the episode… But I will reply you in comment box….

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  1. Really superbbbb and one more secret…..??????I m once again being restless Herr it’s not fair yaar?so for this u have to post d nxt part soon k deal……

    1. Ha ha,….I am really smiling yaar..really …Ok deal!! I will try to post next epi(But remember yaar…I am very bad in keeping promises!!?)

    1. Thank you monesha!!

  2. Superrr yaar Egarly waiting fr nxt epi…….

    1. Yep!! Keep your fingers crossed!!

  3. Arey hw many suspenses my head is spinning pls reveal soon ma?anyway nice epi☺

    1. Sure dear…some of them will be out soon

  4. hi i am waiting 4 morg itself

    u made crazy yaaaaaa

    1. ha.. sorry dear… I was stucked!!

  5. Superb

    1. thanks fa replying dear

  6. Nice yarrr
    ..waiting for next episode

    1. thanks karthu!!

  7. yaar restless restless restless again yaar plzzzz reveal the secret soooooooooooon I cant wait anymore plzzzzz yaar at least yyy piya died u reveal tht naaa but ur work is worth appreciative hatsofff fr uuu fr maintaining dizz much suspense

    1. Thank you soooo much fa the lovely comment dear

  8. it’s mindblowing..episode..yaar …but some what confusing…..hahh..it’s kk… carry on….i know u will clear my confusion….in further episodes…so, just go on…yaar

    1. sure dear

  9. Reshma Pradeep


    1. thank you Reshma Pradeep

  10. Wow….I guess Prags found out who was.Piyas “Rock Star”…..also..Purab will tell Piyas death to Abhi r already Abhi knows abt Piyas death??always a Restless n rocking episode…hateera

    1. upcoming episodes will make you more restless

  11. u always make me rest less dr…
    now i m madly waiting for ur next update dr…..

    1. Yeah.. I posted next epi.. but dont know.. when it will be published

  12. Oh my god plzzzzz make something easy in abhigya life really its makes me mad

    1. Already I told… They dont have any negative characters in their life.. but still they have to face such hard things…

  13. Superb.

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