A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 4)


Scene 1:

Our episode starts with our pragya comes out

Of Ronnie’s cabin.She gets thinking and says to herself

With great determination “No matter what I have to

Solve this issue” and starts walking towards her cabin

Meanwhile she thinks about bulbul as it is her first day

So she calls her but no answer.She says “she might

be in class “. She goes to her cabin and sits in her

seat.Just then Ronnie enters the room holding a file

In his hand and says with great eager”Dii I finished the work.If u sign it we can send it.

Pragya asks him to sit.Ronnie sits in hurry and starts opening the file

and points something.But pragya gets the file from his

Hand and says “we can see this later .First u listen to me”

Ronnie says ” but this is more important dii.Is that matter

that important??? ” Pragya sees him tensed and says

“yes Ronnie.It’s a matter of life !! Future!!!!” .Ronnie says “what

happened dii ???”.Pragya asked him to sit.He slightly comes front and

listens to her eagerly..She says”you know I went to a trip right??”

Ronnie nods and says” To some institute..u told me they asked u

to give some seminar”.She says”That institute is in problem.They

can’t run it anymore”.Ronnie says”So??” raising his eyebrows.

Pragya says closing her eyes”I have to help them!!”and waits for

Scolding words from him.Ronnie looks at her and says”so u have to

take risk for the institute and ready to put this institute at risk????”

And is about getting anger.She calms him and says”Ronnie its about

100 kids future.If we can help them by taking some small risk why can’t we try??
Ronnie smiles and says”Dii You are soo nice.Always thinking about others.

My Jiju will be very luky to have you!.Pragya asks him to stop

And tells “Enough of ur jiju thoughts.Go finish this work first”

Ronnie goes out.Pragya says “I don’t have time to think all that”

And sees some files.

Scene 2:

In class bulbul realises the whole class looking at her.She sees

the lecturer,who is already pointing his hand towards the door.

She silently takes her guitar and goes out.

She walks with heavy steps and says “This day is my worst day ever!! And !!!It’s my first day”

She sees a bench and sits keeping her both hands on her head.She then realises someone is standing

beside and sees.Yeah that girl!!!Bulbul shouts “You??? U came here?? Just go …g go to canteen..bunk

the class and do whatever!!!Just get lost !!!

The girl gets puzzled and asks”What I did???.Again Bulbul gets anger and shouts”You know what ??You just spoiled my First day Just like that!!!!

The girl just takes a bandage from her bag and pastes over bulbul’s hurt in her hand.She then says “I ca

cant see anyone in pain!!!” She then turns to go.Bulbul gets surprised and keeps looking at the girl.

The girl then comes to her again and says “And You know what?? You should control your anger!!”

Bulbul opens her mouth with a smile forwards her hand and says”Friends???” That girl stops herself and

Sees Bulbul’s hand.She then turns and says “I m angry!!!” with some childish anger.Bulbul holds her ears

With her hands and says”Sorry”. That girl turns suddenly and says “Hi I m Swara.” And forwards her

hand to Bulbul.Bulbul gets happy and both shake their hands.Bulbul thinks “My First day gave me a

Crazy and lovely friend to me”.Both smile and shared hugs to each other.

Scene 3:

Abhi wonders and says “How she knows I m here??…this fuggi started stealing my thoughts…I

Should be carefull from now”. He starts running to hide behind

another tree.He sees the girl coming towards the tree

where he is hiding and gets tensed.” Soon the girl goes in different way.He then calmed

Himself and says “Thank god”abd wipes sweat on his

forehead with his hand.Suddenly he felt someone

Hugs him from back .He sees both hands gripped tight over his hips.

our episode ends with Abhi standing shocked.

Hi my dear friends…I thought to finish with scene 2.But I felt not to punish u without his scene.Hope you like my sweet suspense of Swara too!!

Ur hateera signing off for few hours.
Bcoz still some thoughts to change my mistakes

Credit to: Hateera

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