A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 39)


Chapter – Another Secret Revealed!!

Pragya who sits confused sees the herself in Mirror and thinks “Am I that horrible??”.

She texts someone and says “Untill I get all my answers…I never gonna give up

Mr.Abhi!! And this is my promise!!”.She now painfully says “I don’t how long I will

take…and even don’t have the courage to handle…”.She wipes out her tears and

looks the note in her table.She thinks something and takes it.She walks out fast

and stops seeing Ronnie.Ronnie who is having Samosas asks “Dii?? Have some na…

Its awesome!!”.Pragya smiles seeing his actions and thinks “Childish!!”.She says him

in an ordering tone “Ronnie!! I am going out …You take care of things here…and

Don’t ask anything !! Anyway I am not going to say even!!”.Ronnie who really about

to ask something stops and says angrily”Di!! You are too much!! How can you do this??”.

She sees him talking much takes a samosa and keeps it in his mouth and escapes smiling.

She while going thinks “My life is really awesome!! Few moment ago..I was crying..now

…But I have to find the truth!!”.

She is shown outside the college…Our scene shifts to Bulbul who is tired of hearing lecture..

She sees Swara who is watching her again and again.Swara signs her “What??”.Bulbul

in husky voice says “Di..is in problem..”.Both sees The lecturer noticing them.Bulbul gets sad

as they can’t speak now.Swara shows a paper.Bulbul smiles seeing it “Need help??” And nods

her head fast.Swara writes “What to do now??”.Bulbul writes “To meet Purab”.Swara smiles

mockingly and writes “Oh really?? How come Purab came in-between?? Is anything happened
in my absence?? “And draws heart near Purab..Bulbul gives her an angry look and writes

“Nothing like that !! He is Jiji’s friend!!”.Swara hesitantly nods her head and writes “Then??

Ready for mission??”.Bulbul smilingly draws thumbs up…As soon as the classes over both

stands near stairs as He would be coming via that way…Purab comes with Kishore and Bulbul

with Swara hears them.Purab says “Kishore!! I have some important work today..so I will be

late to hostel..please yaar…You have to deal with that Warden…”.Kishore says “Don’t worry

buddy I will handle him…But I need a chocolate instead ..”. Purab sees him mockingly and says

“Why your still childish yaar.!! At least try to change na??”.Here Swara too cries “God!! How

rude this Purab!! Who told ?? Asking chocolates is childish!!”.Bulbul sees her weird and asks

“Don’t say that you taking Kishore’s side!!”.Swara folds her hands and says “Obviously!! I will

take his side!! I love chocolates!!”.Bulbul pulls her says “Sure!! You are crazy!! First lets talk to

him..come”.Purab sees Pragya waiting outside and sends Kishore off.Bulbul and Swara gets

disappointed as their plan failed.Bulbul says “Di came!! Now how I will talk to him??”.Swara

casually says “Then call him na..”.Bulbul gets sad and says “I don’t have his number yaar..”.

Swara gets shocked and cries”You na?? Wait I will come!!”.Bulbul follows her asking where she

is going.Swara runs and buys a chocolate from the canteen.She gives 100 rupees and the

person says “Mam ji ..I don’t have the change!!”.Swara gets worried and sees bulbul who too

nods no.Someone who was watching them for a long time walks towards them.Swara smiles

widely getting a great idea.Bulbul warns her seeing the smile “Don’t tell me you are going to

run away without paying for it!!”.Swara giggles and says “Bhaiyya!! Give me chocolates for

this 100 rupees!!”.Bulbul smiles seeing her childishness and says “You are reall mad!!”.And the

another person who was keeping the change in his hand gets stunned seeing her actio

says “She is crazy!!”.Swara and Bulbul takes the 10 chocolates and walks towards Kishore.

Kishore who is searching the key in his bag sees chocolate on the bike and gets happy.He takes

it and sees Swara seeing him.She asks “Hi!! I am Swara!!”.Kishore says his name.After some

talks Swara comes smilingly and says “Here it is!!”.And gives the Number to Bulbul.Bulbul

says “You na Swara?? Unbelievable!!”.Both goes from there.

Here Pragya And Purab in a restaurant.She in a serious tone asks “I wanna know the truth!!”.

Purab gets nervous and says “I told..”.Pragya stops him saying”The complete truth!! About

Piya…Her death…And…(She now sees him intensely into his eyes)Her Rockstar!!”.

Purab gets shocked and says “You knew??”.Pragya looked impassive..and no expression in her

face…,,.A background beginning bgm of Sun Sathiya..from ABCD 2 plays…


Abhi stands stunned hearing Purab

Thanks friends fa your support and…here u get ur answers too…

Adhya…sure dear…at last he is gonna be realise his love..
No year…Fuggi will not come back…and I am sorry for that…
Loved to see ur reply..
Even we love someone by heart..still we will have difficulties in understanding them na…so only she is confused…
Di..sure will try…
Ella…asmitha…karthu…sure will end it soon…
Reshma Pradeep..ha ha..I can imagine ur reaction dear!!
Oh dear you are thinking more yaar…but happy to see u are feeling it..
Yeah dear..obviously how can he live without seeing her face…so everyone would make some excuse na!!.
Its OK yaar…not at all a problem….but I answered it already.. Fuggi is gone …so sad to say…
Dimple ..Abhigya…Shanaya..yep dude!!! You will get scenes for them too…
Anjana…sure. I am working on it!!
Ha ha…still a long way to go..
Monesha…Sheetha…maahi…I know you love fuggi a lot but sad to say…
And Finally Sana!! You are unbelievable year….You too thinking awesome..but I am sorry that not gonna happen…..

And again I am saying guys!!! Life would never be a fairy tale!!!!!

Credit to: Hateera

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