A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 36)

Chapter- Chapters of clarifications

Our chapter starts with Bulbul getting ready and thinks “I have to

Today I have to meet him…”.She sees Pragya too getting ready.

She stands near the door and thinks “If I ask dii,she would definitely

hide ..better I talk to him”.She goes out.Pragya calls Purab.Purab

Who is still sleeping attends the call “Hello??”.She smiles little and

asks “Still sleeping?? Hmm very bad Purab!!”.Purab Wakes up smiling

and sees the clock and shouts “Its late!!”.Pragya laughs and says “Yeah

Its late…Meet me in evening…ok??”.Purab asks “What’s the matter di??”.

Pragya says in a warning tone “First you attend the class Purab!! We will

talk in evening”.

Here Abhi thinking about last night.He says “Is she really forget everything??

Or she is pretending?? I have to find ..”.He goes out and sees Payal ordering

the servants about their works.He says lazily”Good Morning Payal”.

She really sweetly shocked asks “Good morning bhai!! “.

He thinks something and asks “Payal…Fix an appointment!!”.

Payal gets really surprised as its the first time he is asking

To fix the appointment.She asks “Bhai?? Are you alright??”.

Abhi sees her smile and says “Definitely..I am not out of mind!!

You better stop that unbelievable look and fix it!!”.

Payal asks “Ok ok! But with whom??”. Abhi sees somewhere and

In a serious tone says “Pragya”. Payal who is totally confused and

Says “You are unbelievable bhai!! After all these drama again you wanna

Meet her?? And you are saying me to fix her appointment?? Its totally

ridiculous!! You are really kidding me!!”.She makes her face angry and scared.

Abhi convinces her “See payal..you are my only hope…I know she would

Sure not agree but…tell her its official or whatever…”.Payal says “But bhai!!

Why cant you understand?? If you go without an appointment..she never

asks you anything…and you too know that…and why you are creating a

drama…she loves you bhai!!”.Abhi shouts “Just stop it Payal!! Not like that!!

There’s nothing between us!!”.Payal in great shock asks “How can you say this??

You told me na?? She was your everything…and you were …”.Abhi realises his

unwanted anger on her and says “Don’t ask anything…Call me after fixing it!”.

He thinks “I just wanna clarify it..” And goes out.

Here our Pragya giving instructions to Ronnie and he just stares her surprised.

She notices him and closes the file in anger.She scolds “Where you are Ronnie??”.

Ronnie starts stammering “No di..its..”.Pragya asks “What’s what??”.Ronnie

says “Please di…Tell me that secret…Which makes you damn normal even after a

great problems?? Because I cant believe you are working normally..even..what happened

yesterday..How di?? You are a Super Woman!!”.

Pragya smiles and thinks “Because still I have more things to clarify!! To do those things

I have to be strong..”.

A bgm from Ashiquii 2 plays…and the chapter ends in Abhi and Pragya’s serious faces…

Pragya in her cabin watches something in camera footage

and gets tensed.She stands immediately with a great anger.

Hi my dear friends!!
Thank you..Maahi..Rose…Asmitha..di…karthu…varsha…Mukund Raj….Monesha….durga…Tharu ..Krish…Harsha…Emmy…Reshma Pradeep..Shanaya…Abhigya…saranya..adhya….and normal….

And my another ff is for Manmarziyan… Its title is “Manmarziyan!! With more crazy things!!”….sure it has more funny things…not like Our Restless Rockstar…it already finished its 20 episodes… Hope you will keep supporting me…..
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  1. Hiiiiiiii hateera episode was as usual Ossmm 2day I’m sooooo haaapppiieee bcoz I passed my 10th board in distinction

    1. Congrats Riya…..all d best for ur 11th grade…..

      1. Tnq varsha

    2. Congratulations!! Deary…and be conscious in further studies too…

      1. And thanks for sharing with me too…again congrats..!!!

  2. I’m sooooo sooooo Ossmm haaapppiieee

  3. It’s really nice yaar bt really pragya s a grt really super women only… How can she bcum normal tat too within a day… Really awesome episode yaar

    1. Every girl should be like her!! They should keep fail on them..instead of any other..

      1. They should come out from them,…and go ahead..instead of sitting with those memoriess

  4. Awesome dear unite them soon cant wait?☺

    1. Yeah!! Thinking of it dear…soon it will happen!!

  5. And congratz riya ?

    1. Tnq saranya

  6. really u made her as strong lady…….
    rocking episode…..

    1. Yeah dear..already As Of I told…she would be very strong..

  7. Wow……Waiting for Abhi to tell Prags dat he only loved Piya n not Pragya……Waiting for Prags to find d person in dat letter…..

    1. Keep your fingers crossed dear!! Soon it will happen!!

  8. Its nice . bt its too short.. Pls upload next one pls.. I can’t wait. I wnt to know about the secret.. Today episode is also nice..

    1. Patience deary!!? still we have more to see?

  9. Sooo much suspense ….and it’s killing me… But ofcuz love it

    1. Always this suspenses will eat out brain!! But think..to create a suspense!! A tough job yaar!!?

  10. Dimple(kanishka)

    Soo good waiting for the next

    1. Hai dimple..so ur name is kanishka..nice name..and thanks for feeling it..

  11. Awesome epi. But too short. Plz update next part soon.

    1. I can imagine ur expressions..while seeing the short epis…but I am trying my best dear!!

  12. Awesome

    1. Thanks dear

  13. ayooo again left in suspense haa but its kkk the more restlessness the more lv kkkkk I vil wait dr but pragya nailed it today

    1. Yeah!! Such a strong lady deserves this!!

  14. hai dr you make me restless…………
    what a lady???????????
    just just awesome dr…………

  15. Nice episode as usual

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