A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 35)

Chapter – She moved on??

Our chapter starts with Bulbul throws her phone and fumes in great anger.

She says “How could he say like that!! About dii!! I am sure Di ..You. will handle him

in your style!!”.She thinks something and smiles”Mr.Abhishek Mehra!! No one can

save you now from my di now! Sure you would have provoked her self-esteem

So!! Be ready!!”.She gets worried and thinks “But where di went??”.She again calls

but its not reachable.She thinks of Purab and says “Something is going in him…

I have to meet him tomorrow..”.She still roaming here and there and gets feeling

Sleepy..but unfortunately she dozed…

Here Pragya looks Purab’s car going and sees the note in her hand and says “I don’t have

courage to open this dii!! I cant handle myself …But not anymore!!”.She keeps her face

determined and goes to open her car door.But she gets stunned to see a car thrashing the road

reached her in a sec.She screams in fear.But it stopped before her merely an inch gap was there.

She opens her eyes and looks at it.She sees Abhi came out from the car (It too shown in slow motion

as always..).She thinks of last time she picked him while going on vacation…She recalls his surprised

eyes while seeing her…But now she only looked full of angry…She soon came out from

the world and keeps her face normal.

Abhi stops seeing her face for a sec.An eye lock scene with Sanam re title song …(Better plug ur

earphones guys!!).Bheegi bheegi saduko pe Mein…Tera inthuzaru Karun..(still seeing her eyes..)

Dheere dheere dil ke zameen ko tere hi naam Karun…(He holds her hand and drags her)

Kudh ko Mein yun kodhun Ke phir na kabhi pavun ..hole hole zindugi ko abhu tere Haveli Karun…sanam

Re Sanam re…tu mera sanam Hua re…(Both walks towards his car)…

He opens the door and tries to push her.But Pragya looks at him with her eyebrows raised

Closes the door forcefully and says “I have mine!! I don’t need any lift!!”.

Abhi looks at her angrily and says “Just get inside!!”.

Pragya acts little shocked and says “Why ??I mean…Why I have to come with u??

And you told me then…We have nothing between us!! Then how can I come with

you ??”.She folded her hands after asking does words and looks at him intensely.

He says “Don’t make any Drama again !! I am not interested in dropping u …

U made this drama..”.Pragya stops him in a hard and confident voice “Don’t u dare

Mr.Abhi!! “And warns him which he felt in her eyes…

She continued”What you are thinking??I am doing everything because of you??

And for your so called love??Just forget it!! I regret only for myself!! I regret

for believing you..infact to meet you!! And what you said?? Drama?? You are

doing it now!! And Hear me carefully…We have nothing to deal with…We

are just strangers from now on!!”.She turns and walks fast.

And soon gone from there.Here Abhi stood idle..(Song continues…tere kareeb

Jo honelaga hoon to toote saare bharam re…sanam re…)

He says under his breath”She..she moved on?? Or spoke in angry on me??”.

(U can imagine his whole feeling hearing the song guys…)

Keep feeling!!


He thinks something and asks “Payal…Fix an appointment!!”.

Payal gets really surprised as its the first time he is asking

To fix the appointment.She asks “Bhai?? Are you alright??”.

Abhi sees her smile and says “Definitely..I am not out of mind!!

You better stop that unbelievable look and fix it!!”.

Payal asks “Ok ok! But with whom??”. Abhi sees somewhere and

In a serious tone says “Pragya”.

Hi guys thanks fa supporting me in every episodes…Shanaya..First !! Tina…Varsha…Bhoomi…Durga…Monesha….Emmy..Rose…Adhya..Krish….Reshma Pradeep …..Karthu…Maahi…Saranya….Dimple…Lawanya die hard fan of ranveer!!! Wow..that’s nice…Abhigya…Tharu..di…

Happy to see the new friends…and Soon I Will end this ff…as I am not interested in dragging it till 50 or any 100 episode…
Hope you support in my another ff for Manmarziyan too…soon will come back with a great ff…

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