A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 34)


Chapter:Fuggi’s Death Secret Revealed!!

Our chapter starts with Abhi lying on sofa and about to sleep as he was feeling

exhausted his whole energy…Soon he gets a call and sees its Bulbul.He gets

Worried as he was very rude while leaving from her home.After a great

hesitation he picks it bit remained silent.She speaks “Hello…Jiju!! ?? “.
He didn’t open his mouth at all but hears.She says “Jiju..I don’t know what’s

Going on..but please don’t get angry on dii…She is very nice and loves u

even more ..”.

Abhi gets irritated and says “Your dii told u to say this rubbish?? …what she

is thinking of herself…After all this happened!! She told u to talk?? I cant

believe this!! What kinda person she is/?”.

Bulbul gets angry and shouts “Just shut up Mr.Abhishek Mehra!! Just shut

uo!! Not even a word anymore!! You know what I thought to ask about di..

If she is with u or not..but Now I understood !! What u think of yourself ??

The Rockstar!!?? Go to hell!!”.

Abhi heard everything but one line got his attention…

He says “She called to know if pragya is with me?? Pragya didn’t reach home??

Till now??”.

He gets worried and nervous” Whatif something happened?? She was broken…

With all my words…”.He runs out to search…

Our scene moves to Purab driving his car says “Where she vanished suddenly??”.

He thinks “I have to meet her and tell the whole incident…And clear my doubts too!!”.

He sees her car and stops.He sees her sitting in the park and goes to her.

Pragya notices him and wipes her tears.He sits near her and says “Actually..Its not Abhi’s

fault completely…”.

She asks “What’s the truth ?? You wanted to say??”.

He gets shocked as she was speaking very bold …Asks “You alright??”.

She smiles little and asks “Just say what you wanted to say..”.

He wonders and says “You are really a Super Woman!! Just an hour ago you

were broken..but now came out from that pain..”.

She says “All girls can do this!! Because they have more important

things in their life other than love!! Of course..Love too a great thing..

And its pain is heart breaking…but if she has more persons to take care

She should be strong..hiding her pain…For others..”.

He just stares her and says “Same words!!!”.

She asks “What??”. Purab says “I heard these same words

from a person a year before!! And that person too had same face…

But except her Specs!!”. Pragya gets stunned and Thinks something

and says under her breath “Piya??”. He silently nods his head as yes.

She asks “You know her??”. Purab says “I don’t know how this happened..

But Fate played a big game…I didn’t thought it would happen like this!!”.

Pragya in great anxiety asks “What you are talking about??”.

Purab sees her and says “Her Death’s Secret!!”.She is shocked and says “Secret??

No!! It was an accident!! And…” He interrupts her saying “It was a well planned

murder Pragya Di!!”.She shouts “Stop it!! How can it ..its impossible!! She is such

A nice person!! Not like me!! She cant hurt anyone..Then how can she was murdered??

I think you are mistaken!!”.
He says “No Pragya di!! I swear!! It was a murder!! But They didn’t aimed piya..They

planned to kill u…But unfortunately!!”.

She looks him shocked and asks ” What??”.

Purab says “Yes!! I was going for my friends party that day…I saw someone running

on road towards my car..and she was hurt in head.I stopped the car and asked her what happened..

But she was too nervous and scared.I thought to admit her in

hospital but soon The car was broken…I told her to stay there and

went to see any workshop nearby..”.

Pragya looks at him with wide and reddened eyes which made Purab to

Stop saying but he continues”But When returned I didn’t found her anywhere!!

And I thought she eloped from me too as she was scared..I thought she would be fine..


Pragya says in a broken tone “You didn’t expected ..she died…”.

He silently stood there and says “I was feeling guilty fa this these days…

I shouldn’t have left her there..It all happened because of me..”and cries.

She too cries but asks him not to cry…She says “Its not ur mistake..

Its Mine!!”.She says “Its all because of me!!”.

Purab holds her hand and says “No di!! She was telling..If reaches home

She had something to say everyone…She told about you and bulbul too..

She was only talking about her family and another person…”.

Purab stop himself as its not good to tell that…as it will complicate the

Matter more..

she asks “Another person??”.He hesitates to say…But she says “Her Rockstar!!

Purab gets stunned and looks her shocked.She says

Its weird!! Both our life had a Rockstar!!”.

Purab says “Yeah…”.Pragya says “Thank you for sharing this with me…

You came here to tell this ..even after I ignored you…”.

Purab says “No..Its ok…I was feeling guilty and burdened

to give u..”.She asks “To give what??”.He shows a Lockett.

She gets it and says”I presented this to her on our Birthday !!”.

He shows another note in his hand…He says “My one burden

cleared now…”. He thinks of Abhi and says “And another one is

Left!!”.She asks “Whom is it for??”. He says “You know it!!”.

She asks “For her Rockstar??”.He nods yes…She says “It will be

difficult to find him than me…I will help you to find him..”.

Purab thinks something and says “I
think its not difficult to find him!!”.

Both shares sometime and she says him to leave.He says “You didn’t read

the note till now..”.

She holds it and says “If I read this!! May be I will cry badly…so..you

Go now..”.As soon as Purab left..a car reached Pragya…She gets shocked

as its reached and is about to hit her…She screams…

Abhi looks at her angrily and says “Just get inside!!”.

Pragya acts little shocked and says “Why ??I mean…Why I have to come with u??

And you told me then…We have nothing between us!! Then how can I come with

you ??”.

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