A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 31)


Chapter -Secret in Fuggi’s death!!!

Hai friends !! I know I am little confusing u all…but sure will clear every confusions..

Here we go straight to our chapter…

Purab gets damn shoched!! To see two pragyas and wonders…He thinks “What the hell !! Are they twins?? Then…she died?? !!”.
He don’t understand what to do.He looks at Bulbul who is already worried.He asks her “Is she ur sister??”.
Bulbul already in tension looks pragya and says “yeah!! “.Purab asks ” I mean …In the photo ..”.
Bulbul gets sad and says ” yes…she is our elder sister…”.
Purab gets worried and asks ” How..she died?”.
Bulbul says ” In an accident…”.
Purab tries to ask more questions but Sarla calls Bulbul to sit with her.
Bulbul looks at Pragya who is still lost in thoughts.
Ronnie and Purab tries to talk their respective persons…as Ronnie to pragya and purab to Bulbul.
Purab gets an idea and calls Abhi.
He in worry wonders ” Why Abhi is not picking my call??”.
Ronnie hears it and ingnores it as he is wants to talk to pragya first.
Payal calls Ronnie and asks him what happened.
Ronnie says ” You just take care of Abhi sir…I will try to speak with dii!!”.
Purab too hears him but both ignored each other.
The pooja completes …Soon pragya stood and goes upstairs…
Bulbul too follows her to her room.
Hence Purab and Ronnie follows them.
Pragya goes to her room.She stood for some time idle and she gets angry!!
She throws the pillows from bed and breaks everything in her room.
Bulbul sees that and comes out without talking to her.She says “Whats going on?? Dii is anger now!!If I ask her anything now.. Then she will get mad at me…now..how could I speak to her??”.
Ronnie reaches there and asks “Is Dii inside?? I want to talk to her…its very important!!”.
Bulbul shows him opening roor…where pragya is super anger …
Ronnie asks ” Is she like this always ??”.
Bulbul worriedly says ” No…Only when she gets angry…”.
Purab too reaches there and asks ” Bulbul …I wanna talk to u…now!!”.
Bulbul sees him worried and says ” No…later we will talk…first I have to console my dii”.
Purab tries to explain but she stops him.
Ronnie says ” payal told me..Abhi sir too very upset!!! “.
Purab wonders “Why he is upset??Whats his relation with that girl…and he told she is his would be wife…Then …haa…my head s paining!!”.Purab drags Bulbul and asks ” see…I cant wait anymore!!! Just answer my ebery questions!! Now!!!”.
Bulbul gets shocked as he is worried than her.
Purab asks “When ur sister died?? A year before??”.
Bulbul nods her head and asks ” Why you are asking?”.
Purab gets shocked and aska “Then who is she…in this room…??”.
Bulbul hesitantly says ” This is my another sister..Pragya.”.
Purab asks ” They both..” and stops talking anything as some guilty feeling pricking his heart now…
Bulbul says ” They both are twin sisters!! Elder to me…Piya died in an accident…why you are asking these questions??”.
Purab ignores her and sits in a chair and starts talking to himself!!
“She died?? No…This cant happen!!”.
He really gets scared.Bulbil sits near him and asks ” Whats it?? Do you know Piya?? Or pragya?? Why you are asking about them??”.
Purab says ” I have to go now…Bulbul…we will talk later…”.
Bulbul asks “Where u are going!??”.
He walked fast as her question didn’t reach him…
Purab reaches Abhi’s house and goes in fast.
He sees Payal sitting worried and asks “Bhai ??”.
She knew him well as he is the only person visiting Abhi.She points the room.
Purab knocks the door and says ” its me Abhi!! “.
After a minute of silence… The door opened!!
Payal stunned to see that.
Purab sees him distraught and asks “Abhi!! “.
He goes in and looks the door.He makes Abhi who is really appalled,to sit.He takes a glass of water and gives it.Abhi holds it tight enough about to break it..Purab stops him and gets it from his hand.
Purab asks in a calm tone “Who is Pragya? “.
Abhi looks somewhere and can’t say anything.
He then asks “Who is Piya??”.
Abhi gets shocked..Purab says ” Don’t try to hide anything!! I can find myself!! But I want you to tell”.


Pragya wipes his blood in her saree pallu and aaya “Its not stopping!!”.
She looks at him worried while he just starring her like ..really I can’t even try to express his feeling…
He felt everything is fine now!! As he saw the face…
Pragya shouts “Somebody help!! Please..!!”.and covers his hand with her saree cloth to stop bleeding.

Credit to: Hateera

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