A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 30)


Chapter- Rockstar is gonna be Restless again!!

Abhi drives to his home where Payal watching some files waiting.

She thinks ” Why Sir called me immediately?? So sudden!! If

Pragya Mam said ok ?? Oh my god!! Then soon I have to manage

a marriage event!! Hmm…See Payal!! Still you have the same work

load!!”.She smiles and checks her phone.She stands hearing Abhi’s

car sound and stands excited!! She sees the doorway and waits for the

moment Abhi reaches…Abhi rushes in and throws everything in his

hand…He stops seeing Payal and says “Dont disturb me till I call you!!”.

Payal shocked to see her old Rockstar asks “But?? What..”. Abhi’s sound

came “Just cancel every appointments!!”.He climbs up the stairs leaving

payal in great shock!!He then stops and says in a calm and lost tone

“Better dont fix any appoitments in future!!”.Now Payal really stunned

And even stoned!! With these last few words!! She gets puzzled and

thinks what to do…She gets an idea and calls Ronnie.Ronnie answers the

call and asks “Wow!! You called me so soon?? I expected more!! But you

too late than I thought!!”.Payal gets irritated and says “Just stop it Ronnie!!

Its serious!!”.He asks “What is it??”.Payal asks “Is everything ok

with Pragya Mam??”.Ronnie says “Yeah!! She was serious before but thank

God!! She is out of danger now!!”.Payal gets sad “Oh…”.Ronnie asks “What

happened?? “.Payal says “Abhi sir is upset here!! I didnt saw him this worried

before!! But now..I think this time he is really like lost everything!! I

dont know what to do!!”.Ronnie convinces her “Ok ok!! Just chill!! I will meet

Di!! And you dont worry I will find out what happened!!”.Both ends the call!!.

Ronnie goes and searches Pragya…Here Payal goes and tries to go to his room

but its locked inside!!.

She thinks “I have to do something!!Or ..”.She goes out thinking something.

Ronnie finds Pragya in near havan…doing some customs…He saw her

face pale and without any marks of emotions!!.He waits for her to get free.

Oh we left Bulbul there.Bulbul thinks about Abhi who was really rude!! She

says “Di was right!! He is really rude!!”.She realises Purab saved her and

Thanks him!! He too in hurry to meet Abhi but Bulbul asks him to be there with

her!!Purab says ok.Purab comes inside and sees Pragya sitting gets satisfied!!

He closes his eyes and says “God!! Really I will be gratefull for you to save her!!”.

He opens his eyes and sees the photo and gets shocked!! He looks at Pragya and

the photo again and again!!He cried under his breath “What?? Whats happening here??

Oh God!! What I will do now??”…

Purab asks her “Is she ur sister??”.
Bulbul already in tension looks pragya and says “yeah!! “.Purab asks ” I mean …In the photo ..”.
Bulbul gets sad and says ” yes…she is our elder sister…”.


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Yeah!! My epis are too short but I don’t believe in a long content without much feel…So I believed in a short but restless content…

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Thanks guys durga…
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Credit to: Hateera

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  1. v r getting restles of tis episode…pls reavel it soon ya…….relse my head will get brust……cant wait till the suspense revels.bt really sad of abi n pragya…………

  2. dr really ur making me restless again omg I am scratching my head like smthng else by imagining piya accident nd montage seems to b pragya turns out to b mogambo but trust me dr ur really unpredictable nvr evr been sooo restless nd suspicious abt the ff but urs really making me gooooooo craaaaaaaazy cant xplain in words thnx a lot fr such a brilliant nd awesome story the word EXCELLENCE seems to b nt enough to praise uuu dr lv uuuuu nd one more thng nw I am ok with short updates bcoz it creates more suspense nd now a days missing ur last line philosophies cme back with thm soon yup missing thm a lot nd ur IMPOSSIBLE may I knw wat ur pursuing

  3. Who told im not writing any cmnts……ive started doing dat frm past 3days…..it may not d 1st cmnt but itll b there in d middle…..
    Anyways, ur ff was lil boring today…..I guess still d suspense is hided…track is goin good…..

  4. Awesome hateera dear?☺

  5. Ohhhhhhhhh god again u did same as b4 making us restless b4 wat s the suspense now wat the destiny decides to our restless rockstar n emotionless pragya sooooooooo sad yaar again u make me crazy like while starting ur ff bt the diff s thr s no confusion all r clear cut…. Bt both HV to come across some pain in the life in future so it made me sooooo sad yaar anyway u make me restless also I love ur ff n eagerly waiting for next episode

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome yaar……..

  7. day to day you make me restless dr….
    eagerly waiting for ur next episode….
    update soon ma…..

  8. pls reveal truth i can’t wait di pls. u again give one update this also made me restless di so update next one is today pls di it’s my small request di but today episode also emotionful thnks but small update next one pls long update di.

  9. Please unite them soon yaar. …..We can’t c them like this

  10. Restless restless restless again!!?????

  11. today’s episode was awesome…. U have made me restless….

  12. wow………………..

  13. I wonder wat Abhi is going todo next
    Great episode dear
    Thank u for mkn us happy

  14. Hateera
    Am reading ur ff as usual yaaarr. Its making me restless. As u said life will not be a fariy tale of but I couldn’t see abhigya suffering. Please reunite them pretty …….. pleaseeee.

  15. Awesome hateera

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