A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 3)


Scene 1:

Our todays episode starts with Abhi going in the crowd with his big boy securities. He waves his hands

Again before getting in his car.He bends little to get in the car.He sees his pendent waving over his chest

and sits in his seat. He starts resting.The car starts moving gets more and more thoughts rolling inside

his head.

He starts breathing heavy and trying to calm himself down.His eyes makes him weak with his tears but he

Still fighting with the tears to block them inside his eyelids.Suddenly his eyes caught lonely park passing

He with his controlled tears shouted “Stop!!!” .The driver immediately stops the car and turns. Abhi

Realises that he shouted little hard says “I will drive home you go home by taxi” and turns towards the


He sits in a bench alone in that park and starts thinking.A flashback shown a girl in park sitting on a

Bench waiting for someone. She sees her watch which clutched her hand too tight. Still she is shown from

back and cant see her face.Abhi hiding behind a tree watches her and gives a revenge smile saying” you

Making me wait now I can enjoy seeing you waiting for me “.The girl gets angry and stands saying”you

won’t come na…I too will not wait” and starts goin.Abhi gets shocked seeing her going.At instant she gets

a message saying”I will come in Half an hour baby” she immediately starts searching and says “I know u r

here ..you cheater ..making me wait..” She talks to herself and searches him. Meanwhile Abhi gets

surprised”How she knows. I m here…this fuggi started stealing my thoughts ..I should be careful” and

runs to hide somewhere.

Scene 2:

In class bulbul seriously taking notes.She feels her hand paining because of that hurt. She somewhat manages to write.A girl who sat next to her sees her and asks ” Hey bulbul !!! Don’t you get bored??? ”

Bulbul nods her head saying”No” and still taking notes. The girl asks her again in husky voice” It’s boring

for me…come lets go out ” Bulbul gives her an angry look which says don’t disturb.Then starts writing

with pain in her hand. That girl calls Bulbul again.Damn !! Bulbul got super anger and says”shhh”. That

girl looks shocked because as usual she made that sound louder. She then sees the whole class looking at


Still the suspense of the girl remains unrevealed…

Hoping u guys to find

I m satisfied with today’s post…so Hateera signing of for this day

Have a great night friends

Credit to: Hateera

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  1. Zuha (Asya fan)

    Good hai, wanna know more I think so your story is full of secrets which made me
    develop interest in it ? and BTW I also write a FF for Abhigya.
    “Abhigya :Love for 7 lives ”
    Hope u will read it?

  2. yaar wat is abhigya past pls reaveal it soon may b tht girl is tanu

  3. Oh my god till tl now I don’t get a clear cut thought yaar it’s fully suspense secrets n confusion which making my excitement n interest s getting more

  4. awesome one yaar ur suspense make me restless yaar pls post the next update soon yaar waiting fr it…

  5. Nice yaaaarrrrr….. So much suspense loving this….. I think that girl is may be aaliya or tanu

  6. Intriguing!

  7. I guess its aliya

  8. Nice guess!! But dears…we don’t want those negative characters in my ff!!…Just Abhigya itself is enough na!! Ha ha ha….no more..dadi..aliya..mitali…funny tanu too…just I started it as Fairy tale!! I hope it won’t end like that!! Will take this with more twists and turns…as I am thinking it as my Masterpiece!!!
    Sounds funny!! But that’s OK!!

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