A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 29)


Chapter – Lets end this!!
Abhi tries to hold her shoulder.But he gets Fuggi before his

Eyes…He stands suddenly and gets frustrated.He is really

getting crazy!! His head starts getting more and more

anger.Yeah!! It would happen…how can a person convince

other who cant even control his feelings… Abhi shouts “Ok!!

Lets end this here !!”.Pragya gets out from her thoughts and

says “To End what??”.

Abhi holds her shoulders with both hands and shouts “Everything!!

Between us!! I cant handle this anymore!!”.

Pragya with tears in her eyes says in a broken tone “Mr.Abhi…

I got what you are trying to say!!”.

She stares him with innocent anger which asked abhi “What I did


Abhi avoids her eye contact and looking at somewhere!!

Pragya holds her tears and stands before him now…not with any

tears…her eyes full of determination!! Which a person will get after

losing everything and Nothing to lose anymore!!!

She says “Are you telling to end a relation…Which I

Confessed before an hour??”.

Abhi really cant do anything now with her tearing words…He

didnt reacted anything just stood as idle!!.

She wipes her tears…and says seeing his eyes..”Look Mr.Abhi

I dont know whats the reason behind ur changed behaviour!!
But I know the reason why you are here now…”

Abhi looks her tensed and shocked…

Pragya says “Its my health condition…But you dont have to be

worried or feel guilty!! I can handle myself!! Before your entry

in my life I was handling things well!! So..You better go away!!”.

Abhi stares her and speaks out.But pragya stops him.

“Enough!! I dont wanna hear evan a word from your mouth!!

You can leave now!!”. She turns and controls herself from crying!!

A background song plays…bheegi bheegi saduko pe mein..

Tere inthuzaaru karun…dheere dheere dhil ki zameen…tere hi naamu


Abhi goes from there as he too cant control himself …He stops

while getting down the steps…He still not sure she could handle

herself…He again tries to step down but cant!! He again goes to

her and asks slowly..”I …Are you sure you can…”.

Pragya gets more angry and turns immediately!!!

She hisses “I wont die thinking of you Mr.Abhi!!! Even if I die…

Its none of ur business anymore!!”…

Abhi’s heart really felt the pain in her words!! He steps back

in that shock still looking at her…Then a great satisfaction

occupied his heart!! “She can handle herself!! She will be fine!!”…

He now turns and walks fast!!.He watches Piya’s picture for a last

time!! And wipes few drops of tears and turns with a wry face!!.

Bulbul asks “Jiju!! What happened?? Why??”…

Abhi ignores her and pushes her which made her fall down…

But at that time…She was caught by someone!!.

Bulbul gets shocked and does nt know how?? And what to

react??”.Abhi walks out of the house and looks at it!!”I thought

I would never lose my Fuggi!! But!! …I lost her forever!!”…

Hamari …Aduri…kahani…plays in background!!!…

He starts walking…forgetting everything!!…

Here Pragya stood without any tears in her eyes looks

at him walking!! “I know you would be hurt!! But I cant see you

with those guilty eyes!! I dont know whats going on your mind!!

But when you are not ready to share that!! Its no use to be

in relationship!!”.Hamari Adhuri Kahani…bgm plays in background!!


Purab comes inside and sees Pragya sitting gets satisfied!!

He closes his eyes and says “God!! Really I will be gratefull for you to save her!!”.

He opens his eyes and sees the photo and gets shocked!!


Hai my deariessss!!!

I know you are eager waiting fa our Rockstars!!

But this is not fair…you guys totally forgot how I like ur looooooongg replies..I am really miss your long comments guys…

And yeah feeling great to see comments of my lovely silent readers…but feeling sad about friends who stopped commenting…

But still love you all dears

Credit to: Hateera

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  1. I don’t know. …wat to say really feeling very bad for both. …..ur way of writing is too gud

  2. Awww soo sad.! .. great episode dear but pls it was. Too short

  3. “my first comment” it’s amazing…….. but too short… i want u too put a longer one….. the name perfectly matches with the content…. it’s making me restless to read ur ff…. good going…. i’m enjoying a lot……

  4. It’s superb…..

  5. yaar a bit busy sooo nly couldnt cmmnt but dr atleast nw reveal the suspense dr cant wait any more nd y ur nt updating regularly yaar but pragya determination is soooooo nyc nd strong nd abhi’s behaviour tho is really apt nd really is purab is the reason behind piya accident nd dont knw wat happens nxt eagerly waiting fr ur nxt update nd yaar pls patch up abhi nd pragya soon cant bear dizzzz pain anymore plzzzzz

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Good yaar……

  7. Ohhhhhh god it’s really very sad yàar especially the words by pragya tat she vl never die… Even that words full of pain really I too had some tears in my eyes coz here she dint do any wrong without doing anything wrong she just bearing d punishment really even sad 4 pragya even abhi too don’t do it intentionally by a mistake he hurts her n going through pain bt I really felt sad 4 her than him… Little bit littleeeee angry on abhi c whatever he s doing CRT only bt 4 tz he shd not give punishment to pragya na…

  8. Nice epi yaar ?i was a silent reader but today i commented ur ff is nice bit pls unite them soon??

  9. I was also busy hateera and ya i wanted to feel ur ff as u said so tats y i took a lot of time to read and comment now…sorry for that! And ya i am waiting eagerly for the nxt one…

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  13. Soo sad..

  14. Awesome Hateera loved it

  15. I felt really bad for them. Please reunite abhigya. Waiting for a good episode

  16. realy feeling bad ya……so sad.

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