A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 28) I am Sorry Pragya!!

Chapter -I am sorry!!

Abhi sits lost in thoughts…After few hours of crying..thinking…

He thinks something which suddenly made him to come out

From his thoughts.He stood up suddenly remembering something

and looks around him.Its already late!! He opens the door and

says “This is ur last day Abhi!! See her for last time!!”.He gets in and

rushes to pragya’s house.He says to himself “Just be normal for

a day!Then…”.He sees Pragya doing some works and stops the car

Suddenly and gets out.He rushed to her and pulls her with great force.

He says “Are you mad??Who told u to do this works??”.Pragya in shock

says “No Mr.Abhi..!! I …I didnt do any tough work..just helping!!”.Abhi

gets irked and says “Stop it!! No more words!!”.He makes her sit in a

chair and warns “I should not see you even moving from here!! Got it??”.

Pragya sees him lovingly and he too…(Aashiqui 2 love theme plays in

background…).Soon Abhi diverted with some sound and realises she

is not his Fuggi anymore…He wonders “I know !! She is not my Fuggi!!

But still I cant live without seeing her!! God!! Why you are doing this to

me!!”.He looks at pragya and goes in anger.He gives things to Sarla

and seea everyone busy…He sits opposite to Piya’s photo and stares her.

His eyes starts letting the tears out but he tried his best to control himself.

While Pragya thinks “He is really having a great pantience!! I should not

make him wait more! I have to confess him!!”.She looks for Abhi..And

starts searching him.He sees he is sitting in amd goes to him.She looks

him staring the photo and sits with him.Abhi gets a call from Purab and

goes out making excuse while pragya was left disappointed.Abhi asks

“Yeah Purab!!”.Purab says “Abhi!! I have to talk to you! Where are you

now??”.Abhi asks “Whats the matter??”.Purab says “Just tell me where

are you?? I’ll come there!!”.Abhi wonders and says “Ok I will text u!”.

Abhi texts the location and thinks “Why he is worried?? About what??”.

He turns and gets shocked seeing Pragya there!! She says “Are you free

now?? Shall We talk??”.He still in not mood to talk but nods yes.She

turns and thinks and hesitates too.She then taking a deap breath says

Breaking her hesitation “Look Mr.Abhi!! I wanted to say it before…Actually

…When you confessed…I should have told you!! But I think its not too

late!”.Abhi got what she wanna say.He tried to stop her but she is

speaking nonstop.. She holds his hands and says “Yes!! I too love you

Mr.Abhi!!”.She holds her ears asking sorry
“Sorry!! I took this long!!”.
Abhi really dont know what to do…He suddenly frees his hands from

Pragya’s hands and says “No!!”.Pragya who was really expected a tight

hug gets shocked and asks “What?”.Abhi goes from there without even

turning and goes out taking his car.Pragya stood there with great shock!

Confused!! Abhi while driving fast thinks his proposal!! …He felt guilty

now …He curses himself”Why I did this to her?? She…She must be upset!!”.

He stops his car suddenly and thinks of her health condition!! Her ma’s

words and says hurrily “How did I do this ??I must be thought her health

condition!! Its really tough for her to bear two great loss!!”.He holds his

head and says “I lost my love already!! But if I leave her now…she will

loss her sister with her love too!! If she thought like that It would be bad

for her health!! Crap!! How I forgot to think this once!!”.He really had no

choice now !! He doesnt want to disturb her life and the fact is…he should

be there to make her life normal..his absence will make her disturbed!!

He curses himself for his life!!.He thinks “I dont wanna see her!! At the

same time I cant leave her too!!”.He reaches the house with great worry

and looks for Pragya…He starts searching the house but cant find her!!

He then recalls something and runs to terrace…He gets happy as she is

sitting there.Abhi goes near her smilingly and sees her sitting idle.He

gets worried as he couldnt see any reaction in her face…It was just blank!!

He felt guilty now and feels sorry for disturbing her…(A background

song plays …Ore piya hai..ore piya…Udune lagan kyoon…man pabu

Laare…aaya kahan se…).


Abhi shouts “Ok!!

Lets end this here !!”.Pragya gets out from her thoughts and

says “To End what??”.

Abhi holds her shoulders with both hands and shouts “Everything!!

Between us!! I cant handle this anymore!!”.

Hi friends!! Hope u like this hatred and love combo!!

And how was it!! And my lovely silent readers like

me !! Please yaar!! Let me know how you feeling too!!

So that I can know you like it or not!!

Anyways..still love you all!!

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  1. really nice ya…..both love n hate…..wonderful…it gives the pain what abi had felt….simply superb.

  2. Awesome yaar…

  3. Silent reader

    Pls don’t bring back Piya she’s already gone, let him learn to love pragya for who she is and also he should explain everything to her for them to start fresh and slowly fall for each other
    I loved today’s episode ba felt sad for pragya
    My name is ZARA

    1. when u update u HS ff, we r wating n miss it

  4. Superb yaar. …but feeling bad for both

  5. I am a silent reader…hateera sis..nizz epi..dont let them separate..

  6. Superb yaar bt soooooo sad 4 pragya coz she lives her life smoothly n normally bt now… Omg sooooo sad

  7. Reshma Pradeep


  8. hey really i dont no what to say…..
    plzz dont seprate the love birds dr….

  9. Awesome

  10. Episode was good 🙂 … Pls don’t separate them …

  11. Awesome

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