A Restless Rockstar and his secret fan (Episode 26) The Restless Daydreams


Chapter:The Restless Daydreams!!

Our chapter starts with Abhi holds pragya’s hand and pacifies

her.Soon she gets unconcious and doctors said “You can leave

her now Mr.Abhi..because she is unconcious now..”.Abhi looking

at her says “No doctor…I never leave her…so please explain me her

condition now”.Doctor says “Its just normal..it occurs in extreme stress

but its ok!! She is alright now”.Abhi smiles in extreme happiness and

asks “Are you sure doctor?? Sorry…I really got scared!”.Doctor laughs

and says “Be strong young man!! She is really lucky!! Something good

is happening in her health …She is getting more active than previous

treatments…Its good to her health!!”.He pats on Abhi’s shoulder and

goes out.Abhi looks at her caringly and goes near her.He sits beside her

and says “You are alright ,Pragya!!”.He feels her hand holding his

and shockingly sees her hands holding him.He gets doubt if she is really

unconcious now!! He says “Are you hearing me??”.She still without any

change on her face.He makes sure she is still unconcious and sayz

“I really wonder…you are unconcious but holding my hand! You are really

cool Pragya!!”.He stayed late at night and was still sleeping nextday.Wait!!

Whats happening??.Pragya wakes up and slowly opens her eyes.She looks the ceiling

which is plain and cries “God! I m still in hospital?? I am sick of it!!”.She then

She gets shocked Abhi ‘s hand around her waist and tries to get up.

But his strong hands didnt allowed her to even move!!.She then looks his face

near her shoulder and stares him.She thinks “How worried…your face is

full of dullness..because of me??”.She caresses his face andstops staring him.

She says “Yes!! I was hearing you Mr.Abhi…Other than that holding your hand…”.

She gets alerted as Abhi starts waking from his sleep.Pragya pretends as sleeping

and closes her eyes.Abhi opens his eyes and sees her sleeping.He caresses her

face and says “Will you be mine?? Forever?? Because I cant imagine a life without

you…you are my everything pragya!!”.He takes a deep breath and says “After

you get alright…We will marry and …we will be a family right?? Then I will compose

Tones of songs for you!! Then you..me…Ma…Bulbul ..thats is!! A complete family!!”.

Pragya suddenly wakes up and pinches him and says “Stop your floating daydreams

Mr.Abhi!!”.Abhi screams “Ahh!! Ooo…how you wakevup suddenly?? Are you ok??

How you are feeling now?? You ok right??”.Pragya laughs and asks “Relax Mr.Abhi!!

I am perfect!!”.She looks for ma and bulbul.Abhi sees her and says “I will call Ma..”.

Soon her ma came in smilingly and hugs her in great happiness…She says “Pragya!!

You are really scared me!! You told me you will be ok..you promised me…,but

see how you fell sick!!”.Pragya hugs her and says “No Ma! ..”.Her ma says “Bulbul told

me…Do you like Abhi??”.Pragya sees Abhi standing surprised looking at them and excuses

and goes out.Pragya and her ma talks something which was not heard…and for Abhi too cat

hear them…

Ok its time to just give a short visit to Our Purab and Bulbul’s story…Bulbul sits in her class

thinking about Pragya.She sees the seat near her as Swara too absent …so she was really

felt lonely!!.After the classes she walks lost in thoughts.Purab who was crossing her sees her

and thinks “What happened to her ?? She is not well sinve few days ..”.He thinks to talk to her

but goes saying to himself “No Purab!! Never do that mistake!! She is really mad!! Then she will

blame you for this too…”.He just goes away and thinks of her sad face …
Purab starting his bike and gets irritated.He curses

his bike “Why this dumb bike is not starting?? “.Be then tries kicking several

times and gets frustrated.He kicks for last try and goes to go by bus…While walking

he sees Bulbul sitting and looking somewhere.Purab says to himself “Really…Is

someone dead?? Why she is sitting like that!! Ahh!! She is really making me

crazy!! I am gonna ask her!!”.He goes towards her and opens his mouth but

soon he felt a hesitant feel “What I am doing?? No I should not talk to her…but..”.He

cutted his thinking and opened his mouth “Hey!!”.Bulbul doesnt responded.He gets really

Irritated and his attitude now stopped him to talk.He turns and curses himself for

Even thinking to talk with her!! What she is thinking??as any Princess or Queen of Attitude??

then let her be!! He blames himself Its all my fault!! She even didnt

see me!!.His thoughts breaks into pieces as he heard “Called me??”.He turns

immediately in little shocked reaction in his face as he didnt expected her

This response.He started speaking “No!! …I mean yeah!! I called you!!”.And

Ended with blabbering something as he really felt she is going to leave him

if he asks anything.He decided not to ask her anything!! She says “Whats

It??”.He tried to speak clearly and says “I called to ask why..” He stops

himself and continues “Bus!! When bus will arrive??”.She looks at him really

weird as there will be buses for every 10 minutes.She looks at a bus moving

from the stop,and sees him awefully and Purab feels much embarressed and

rubs his forehead lazily as he get caught!!.He sees her as she felt really

horrified.He clarifies “Oh nono…dont look at me like that!! Okay??I came

to talk with u…because you were really sad since few days..not anything!!”.

He takes a deep breath and satisfied as he explained her everything!!.Bulbul
in heart feels his concern.She smiles and says “Ok ok!! I believe you..”.Purab

with a shocked tone “What !! Believe?? Its the truth!!”.Bulbul laughs little and

convinces him “Ok..chill!!”.He sees the bench near her and asks “May I??”.

Bulbul moves and leaves him space to sit.He removes his bag from one side

and places it down.He then sees around the road..vehicles..Bulbul just notices

him and says calmly “My sis is hospitalised…in serious condition”.Purab really

surprised as she shared her things with him.He asks “Then…y you sitting here

and worrying useless…just stay with her then!”.Bulbul smiles pain in her heart

and says “I too wanted to be with her…but I have to give enough space to her

love too…she really did a lot for me and family…Now Its time to her love …

I hope sure my jiju will make her fine!! And I an sure of it!!”.She wipes her

tear over her eyes turning somewhere .She hided it from him and stands “Ok…I

am going then!! And Thanks for the concern…Its really unexpected..Thank you

so much “.He smiles lazily and says “Just keep your thanks with yourself!! Its

just a matter of concern!! Dont over react ok?? Just stay strong!!For your

sister..”.Both separated with a formal smile …Here Bulbul thinks “He is really nice..”.

While Purab walks remembering something…He says to himself “Why this is

happening to me?? Is this sister sentiments are really …no..i am not going to

Think of this…everytime after that incident…It makes me going crazy!!!”.

While Bulbul turns to wave a bye…but sees him busy with talking himself…She

then goes with little dissapointment but still a big satisfied feel occupied her heart

with his little chat!!…

The car was going in an unlimited speed and soon

It stopped suddenly.Abhi gets out of his car…Kicks it!! Beats it!! And soon his eyes filled and screams now with his broken heart!!

Hi friends!! I am really excited to reveal a big secret still!!

So be there with fingers crossed!! And not me…as I have to type

my next post very soon…And sorry if It bored!!

Love you all!!

Credit to: Hateera

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