A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 24) – I got my Fuggi!!!


Chapter: Fuggi’s diary with Abhi!!

Abhi sees still she is tensed about bulbul and ma.

She takes her phone to call but keeps thinking something.

Abhi gets irritated and says “Just talk to her!!”.She sees

him and says “No…I was thinking whether they…”.Abhi

Says in a irritated voice “Just cut that!! They will be safe!!

And I am sure they will be on their way!! So!! Chill ok!!”.

She hates him now and gives him a irritated look and turns.

As soon as she saw a place she smiles.Abhi notices it was

a school and stops.She gets alerted and acts innocent.She asks

“What happened??”.Abhi folds his hand asking “Why you were smiling??”.

She says “Cant I smile ?? “.Abhi gets out of the car and starts

walking towards the school.Pragya gets shocked seeing him

going inside and stops him.She stands in his way asking

“Why you are going ?? Dont you remember we are in vacation!!

We have to reach the Resort .”.Abhi sees her strange and says

In a casual tone “You wanted to join your Ma na?? Then come!!

Lets wait here!!”.She stops seeing around and asks “But why here!!?”.

He holds his hand around her shoulder and says “Because This is the

place where you finished your schoolings!!”.He gives a little mocking

smile in the edge of his lips!!.Pragya in damn shocked opens her mouth

And aaks “How??”.She then starts thinking whether it is Ronnie or Bulbul

and asks “Who said this!!”.Abhi holds her tight and makes her to walk

but she still protesting .She hesitates saying “No!! Not today!! I cant

go with you!!”.Abhi mocks her “Why?? Dont you want to see your

childhood days ??”.She sees him worried and says “No Mr.Abhi!! We
will go now!!”.Abhi tries to convince her but she stops him by shouting

“Please try to understand!!”.Abhi stands immobile.She pushes his chest

hard and says “Cant you think!! My childhood days are only full of my

sister P…”.She controls herself and wipes her running tears from her

eyes…Abhi tries to control her but she warns him “No Mr.Abhi!! Just

leave me alone!!”.She walks some steps and feels dizzy.She stops and

feels severe pain in her head which made her unable to speak..shout…

or even think what to do!! Soon her eyes failed to see anymore and her

legs too.(You surely would have guessed what happened after that…

I too thought of telly the pain of abhi…but very few will show how the

person fell ill will feel…its pragyas turn to feel her pain…) She feels

herself lying somewhere and some voices which said “Ms.Pragya!! “.

She can hear those words but cant say anything.When she remembered

her twin sister she suddenly felt her throat stuck and again some

sharp pain…Again went to deep sleep…But when she heard her Ma ‘s

voice she thought to sit suddenly and tell her “Ma!! I wont leave you!!”.

But her body didnt allowed her to even move her eyelids.Soon she felt

bulbul’s soft hug and her tears and crying voice…She really felt bad

that she made all her dear ones in worry…She already felt these pain

But this time her heart raised in great worry…about another person..

She thought “He would be worrying!! In fact feelung guilty!!Yes!! He only

did this!! Who told him to plan a surprise!!”.Still she expects those words

from his voice…Soon she gets happy still fighting with her great pain

in her head!!.She opens her eyes at last and sees blurred vision.She hears
some voice “Ms.Pragya!! Can you hear me!!”.She nods her head yeah!!

Still very slight gesture as she felt sharp pain in her head but tried to see

someone…She a face which is really smiling at her worriedly.She identifies its

her family doctor and tries to smile…But actually her smile not came in her face…

She was allowed to meet one person inside the room.She really expects to act

very normal to comfort her mom!!.Her mom enters in with her eyes full of tears…

She keeping her hands over her mouth controls herself but holds Pragyas hand and cries.

Pragya still cant do anything just tears from her eyes helped her to react.Soon bulbul too

came inside hold her another hand.Within a minute Pragya hears some sounds in instruments

which indicated her condition going worse…She felt very guilty and bad to made her ma and sis

Cry this bad for her.She curses the machines which pointed the condition.Again she sees a blurr

vision of some doctors and nurses.(Its the opposite version of the scenes …how in all series

they will show how the others feels for the patient!! Here I somewhat tried

to explain how the patient will really feel…Hope you got how I felt while

writing…)Pragya after a short time felt a warm hand holding her hand.

She still in impassive state.She tries her ears to make them hear sharply

as she can only do that…The voice said “Dont do this to me Pragya!! I really

feeling guilty that I made your whole family worry…I swear I wanted to

surprise you…But I didnt expected!! I am really sorry!! Please come back!!

I cant…”.She feels his tears burns her skin in equal sadness.She feels the voice

is full of broken words from the broken heart.She cries in her heart that she

can even wipe his tears and say “I wont leave you!!”.She suddenly felt those

warm hands left her hand…She now curses her life of unable to do anything.

She thinks of her sis (fuggi) and cries…After hours of sleep as she felt that as hours

She opened her eyes suddenly.She feels her vision is clearly.She looks around and

Wonders she can move her hands now!!.She sees Abhi sleeping in a chair keeping

his hand on his cheek.She sees a diary in his hand and looks it sharply…as she felt

its familiar to her!!.She cried in her heart “Its Dii’s diary!!”.

(Hi guys trying something different..,hope you not hate it!!!

Our scene rewinds to when Pragya and Abhi talking…Now!!

Its time to say how Abhi felt there!!)

Abhi tries to stop her but she walks away from him…Soon he sees

her losing balance and runs shouting “Pragya!!”..He holds her in time and sees her lying

Unconcious in his hands.He runs to his car calling her and puts her in back seat.

He holds her hand and rubs it “Pragya!! Please open your eyes!!”.He looks her

still idle and his heart beat raises in great fear!!! The fear scared him to the core

that if he lose her again!! He holds her face and cries “I wont let anything happen

To you!! Never!!”.He rushes his car to hospital.He calls Ronnie and asks “Ronnie !!

Send the Pragya’s family doctor details!!”.He ends the call before hearing anything.

In a sec he gets the text and calls the doctor and informs her condition.He sees her

Via mirror and wipes the tears fell from his eyes!!.(Hamari…Ahuri …Kahani…song

plays in background!!! ).Soon he rushes into the hospital carrying her in his hands.

He shouts for emergency…People around there identifies him as Rockstar and about

to surround but his angry scream made them to startle…Pragya was taken into the ICU…

He holds his head and sits looking down…He lOst in thoughts of their meeting in the park…

Then the cute argumants between them…He looks Bulbul with her mother came

crying…He felt really bad and guilty to made them to worry.Sarla looks at Abhi

as he is the villain of her lovely daughter.Abhi tries to speak but she sits giving

him a cold look.Bulbul looks Abhi sadly and she too feels bad…She too cries feeling

guilty!!.Soon doctors came asking to sign some formalities…Sarla starts crying

badly and begs the doctor “Please !! Save my daughter!! I cant bear this pain…

Please save my pragya!!!”.Bulbul tries to control and Abhi too holds her but she

gets angry andholds his collar.She starts shouting!! “You!! You are the one reason

for all this!! What you did to my child!! What you did!!”,Bulbul cries badly and hugs

her saying “Its not him ma!! Its me…I told him to surprise Di!! But didnt expected

this would happen…Please ma If you want to give punishment ..give it to me!!

He is innocent!! And he loves Dii !! How can he do this to her!!”.Sarla gets idle

hearing bulbul and sees Abhi who is standing broken.She goes and sits in a chair

silently.He goes and kneals down.He holds her hands and says in a broken voice..

but comforting and warm…says “I understand Ma…Please forgive me!! I didnt

do this to seperate her from you..I cant even think like that…I never lose her

again!! So I promise you Ma !! You too will never lose her!!”.She looks him

really surprised and nods Yes!!!.Soon doctor calls anyone to go inside.Sarla

looks at Abhi and stops.She pats his shoulder and says “You go..”.He gets

emotional and says “No ma!! You go in…she would like to see you…because she

loves you more than me…”.She smiles emotionally and goes in keeping her

hands on her mouth.Bulbul sees Abhi standing still and asks “Ain’t you coming??”.

Abhi nods No and turns.He thinks “I cant face you Pragya!! Its all my fault…I

Would have thought it before!! How can I see you!!”.Bulbul enters and hugs her.

Soon Pragya starts trying to speak and her health gets bad.Bulbul sees the monitor

and runs calling the doctors.Doctors sends them out starts treating her seriously…

Abhi looks in from the glass door and keeps his hand on the door.He thinks “I

really wanna surprise you …but I didnt thought It would turn out like this!!”.

After few hours again bulbul and Sarla are permitted in ..but this time the

condition was really bad…Abhi consoles them.Abhi sees its already late and finds them

really worried.He asks Bulbul the house Key and says “If you want anything I will bring

some things from home!!”.Bulbul looks at Sarla and says “I too would come…

But leaving Mom hear..”.He smiles little and says “Its ok!! Just give me the keys..”

She hands the keys and says “Di like her micky doll and a Album very much!! It would

be on her cupboard I think!! Please dont forget that!!”.Abhi nods and goes.In next scene
he opens Pragya’s room and sees it was really cool…as he entered any office room…

Every thing was arranged perfect !! Even the books …looked as a mini library in her room.

He sees The Micky in a table and starts searching the album…He finds a diary in a cupboard

and takes it…He searches everywhere but still cant find an album.He sees his watch and

goes out and closes the door.He goes towards his car and opens the door.He suddenly stops

thinking something and runs in.He opens the door fasr which made a scary noise in that

calm room.He looks at a album over the cupboard and takes it.He smiles seeing the album

And abuot to open but gets call from Bulbul.He gets in his car and reaches the hospital.He

comes and sees them worried.Bulbul sees him worried and says “Still she is unconcious..”.

He sees Pragya from the glass door and goes in.He sits near her and looks at her face sadly.

He starts asking her to come back and cries.He sees still lying unconcious and says “I wont

leave you go !! If you are thinking to leave me!! Then Its never!!”.He comes out and looks at the doll

and goes in.He keeps the doll near her and sits in a chair.He sees the diary first (Thank God!!)

And opens it!! He sees its full of his Fuggi’s thoughts…As he can catch her slang of writing…

He looks at Pragya and smiles “You really are something!! Lady Mogambo!!”.He reads the diary

and when he reads her pain while he was scolding her.His eyes pushed some tears over his cheeks.

He goes near her and stares her for along time and says in heart “I never try to hurt you!!

No more crying baby!!”.He walks for sometime…Soon Doctors came and checks her.They said

she would be alright and can change her to normal ward.Abhi gets happy and waits for her

to get concious,…They changed the room.Abhi waits for her and sleeps while waiting…ofcourse

he didnt read the diary completely.In morning, Pragya sees him sleeping and stares him for sometime.

She looks at his hand as he was keeping a thing which was familiar to her.She then looks beside her.

She sees the micky doll and hugs it smilingly…He wkes and looks at Pragya ..for the first time she

Looked as her Fuggi!! With that childish face kissing the doll!!.He smiles staring her!!

(Jeene laga hoon…pehale se zyadha…pehale se zyadha..

From Ramayya vasthavayya movie!!)…

..I will try my very best to feel you

excited…sorry will keep trying to make you happy!!…

And yes!! Soon one of big suspense will be revealed!!!

Which will make our Rockstar Restless!!!…

Keep loving the story!!

And really felt happy to see those long and new comments!!!!

Pragya asks “Will you too leave me??

Because I cant lose anyone from heart…If I wanna lose you in my life…then It would

be me giving up my life before it would happen”.Abhi hugs her suddenly and consoles

her “Dont think too much Mogambo!! I will never leave you!! I cant!!”.

Credit to: Hateera

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