A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 23) – The First Date!!


Pragya gets ready and wakes up Bulbul.Bulbul still sleeps.

Pragya:Bulbul…Bulbul wake up!!”.Bulbul sees the clock

and screams”Di!! Its just 3!!”.Pragya “I know…relax!! Ok??

See …I am going out…inform Mom!!”.Bulbul blabbers”Di…

Whats that impotant work??”.Pragya says”I just have to

prepare a document..” And sees she already slept.She smiles

“Hmm…already slept..”.She kisses her forehead and goes out.

She reaches the office and starts working…She walks here and

there…takes some files reading…typing…seeing the clock…

(Always its shown like this in slow motion …whenever they are

Busy!! …)She sleeps in her chair wakes up hearing Ronnie’s

voice.He “Dii!! What are you doing here?? And this file…we have to

submit this in afternoon na?? Y you doing this early??”.Pragya smiles

“I need leave today Ronnie!! So you have to submit this behalf of me!!”.

Ronnie gets worried”Di!! How can I manage this without you??No di!!

Please …Whats important more than this??”.She pats his shoulder

“Nothing!! I thought you would help me..but i was wrong..Its ok

I thought you have grown up..and take care of more responsibilities..

But you are saying No..Ok then!!”.Ronnie sees her sadly “Come on di!!

Dont underestimate me!! I can do more things which you cant imagine!!

This file…its nothing to me!! I will take care!!”.She sees his confidence

And says “Thats it!! Ronnie…Ok take care…I will meet you tomorrow!!”.

She happily gets into her car and smiles remembering last night and the

kiss!!.She smiles saying “I am coming Mr.Abhi!! Now I will see how can you

enjoy without me!!”.While Abhi gets ready and calls Pragya while combing

his hair..Pragya attends the call “Yes Mr.Abhi!!”.Abhi smiles “Dont call me

like that…just Abhi!! Enough..”.Pragya smiles “I can call you as I wish…then

Where are you??”.Abhi gets out while talking says “Vacation!! I am sure…

I will have a great fun without you Lady Mogambo!!”.She sees a car aproaching

him thinks to move away but it stops before him.He shouts “Damn!! You almost

Hit me man!! He sees the car and says “Pragya!!??”.She opens the door(And

This scene too…you have to imagine in slow motion!!”.Abhi in great shock

“You…here…Just a while you were talking..”She shows her phone says”Yes Mr.Abhi…
I am right before you now!! So whats the big deal??”.She takes his bag and puts

in her car and sits into her car.Abhi still standing sees her and stares lovingly.She says

“Are you going to stand like that!!?? Or coming with me??”.Abhi folds his hands and

asks “You told me you wont come!!”.Pragya smirks “So what?? I changed my decision!!”.

He smiles and gets into the car.She looks at him and says “Seat belt..”.Abhi pretends

not listening her.She gives him a cold look and puts the seat belt and stares…A song

Plays Dheere Dheere se mere zindgi mein aana…Deere deere se dhil ko churrana…tum se

Pyaar hame hein kithna jaana jaana…Not in background!! Just in FM radio…

She manages herself to divert from the eyelock.She drives to her home…Abhi just stares her

Throughout the travel.She stops her car outside her home.Bulbul comes running

and hugs pragya.She says “I know you will definitely come!!”.Pragya smiles and asks

“Where is ma?? All ready shall we go??”.Bulbul says “Di!! Ma went to temple!! Its ok

we can pick her in our way!!”.Abhi helps them keeping their bags.He pulls pragya

and says “I will drive now…”.She mocks him “No..”.Abhi keeps his finger on her lips

and says “Shhh..”.Pragya stares him …but Abhi runs fast and sits in

Pragya gets angry and says”What you did??”.Abhi sees Bulbul and asks

“What I did??”.Pragya sees bulbul listening to them and stops asking

and sits in.Bulbul smiles and thinks “Seems I have to do something…

They have to spend sometime together”.She smiles thinking an idea.

Abhi stops the car near temple.Pragya gets down to bring her Mom.

But Bulbul stops her and goes to call her Mom.She sees her Mom praying

and says “Ma..I am doing this for dii..”.She says”Ma ..Di also coming…

But she said..it would be little late..so we have to wait here…”.Sarla

smiles and says”No problem..Bulbul…We will be here for somemore

time..”.Bulbul hugs her and goes out.Bulbul comes to Pragya and says

“Di..Mom told it will take time to go…so she told you two to go and wait

for us in resort.”.Pragya gets worried and asks”Is mom ok?? Wait I

will talk to her…”.Bulbul stops her and says “dii..dont worru I will come

with mom!! You better go with Abhi sir!! I dont want him to wait for

us!!”.Pragya looks at him worried and goes to him.He asks”Shall we go??”.

Pragya hesitates “No..Mom…she will come later…”.Abhi looks at bulbul

Winking and smiles realising its her plan.He calls his driver and asks him

to come with his car.Abhi sees car reached and says to Bulbul “Come soon..”

Bulbul nods her head smilingly…Abhi pats her head and tells his driver

to be carefull.Pragya worriedly sits in seeing Bulbul.Abhi sees her and says

“Dont worry!! They will reach safe!! Shall we go??”.Pragya nods her head

and still stares at Bulbul who us waving her hand happily…Both starts travelling

…hearing awesome songs…which made them to feel that they are in a date…


She sees Abhi sleeping in a chair keeping

his hand on his cheek.She sees a diary in his hand and looks it sharply…as she felt

its familiar to her!!.She cried in her heart “Its Dii’s diary!!”.


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Credit to: Hateera

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  1. Nice epi hateera.. best thing is that FM cn. I love it.. n liked the way that pragya’s surprice for abi.

  2. Nice episode, it seems Secret opened in precap :P.. So abhi loved pragya’s twin sister (she died a year ago) 🙁 🙁 … So saddddddd … Pls unite abhi and pragya ..

  3. awesome….so sweet……really no words to say….

  4. Abhigya.........


  5. Ohhhhhhhhh god thn abhi’s fuggi s pragya’s twin sis ah sooooo sad no if he comes to know tat the person he loved s died na he vl accept our pragya soooooo sad yaar I hope its not lk tat I mean pragya s the girl loved by abhi oooooo sooooo I cant tolerate yaar my patience all breaks down I’m @ the peak of restlessness in order to know wat s the secret which u r going to reveal in next part yaar really I can’t wait anymore plzzzzzz update NXT part as soon as possible plzzzzz by 2day ni8 itself yaar… Plzzzzz plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz my humble request yaar…

  6. Reshma Pradeep


  7. Super dear

  8. superb again hateera ye seriously ???

  9. Awesome awesome awesome!! Loved it a lot

  10. Nice hateera and precap seems to be interesting eagerly waiting for next episode

  11. yaar really I am nt ready to c abhi’s reaction ven he comes to know tht his fuggi died nooo bit longer episode plzzzzz nd ur awesome but reveal the flashback soon eagerly waiting

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