A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 19)


Hi friends!!
I am really really feeling very bad…as I made my dears to wait…
So back to back epis fa. U today…Enjoy!!

Our epi starts with Abhi and Payal sitting in opposite to each other.

Payal’s eyes were widened and she was immersed in complete shock

She asks “So…You were together!!! Its really wonderful bhai!!! And

I really cant believe this !!! Your story is like kinda fairy tale…I just!!

Wait wait!! Then how you two separated??? Anything happened???”.

Abhi smiles a deep smile but cant find that in his face.He ignores her

question and asks “The concert …its tomorrow right???” Seeing somewhere.

She nods as yes and says “I think My Boss is planning something!!! Really

Like…your first proposal!!!! Right bhai???”.Abhi looks her and smiles.

He sees his pendent and says “Yeah!! Last time she spoiled my plan!!

I won’t give chance to her again!!”.After a minute silence he stood suddenly

Which startled payal.She asks “What happened??!!”.He with a smile says

“Cancel my every appointment for two days!!”.He nods his head seeing payal.

Payal got what he tried to say and nods smiling.He takes his car key and

Goes whirling it in his forefinger.She shouts ” All the best Bhai!!!”.Abhi

still walking waves his hand says “Thanks !!”.He takes his car and soon

reaches pragya’s institute.He parks his car and walks seeing around.He sees the

park …garden…everything was quite nice…He hears some sound and goes


A group of girls cheering with a great eagerness.Abhi heard all their sounds

together shouted a single sound “Pragya Mam!! Pragya mam!!!”.Abhi smiles

and goes into the crowd and reaches the centre part soon.Pragya sitting very

calm and playing chess.She gives a victorious smiles and sees Ronnie who is

really sweating…seems he is going to lose the game.she keeps her both hands

in her cheeks and says “Come on Ronnie!!!! Its just a game!!! You are not going

to die if you lose this!!”.Ronnie sees her and says “No dii!! No matter what…I

am going to try…If I lose then…”.He stops seeing pragya’s next move.He

says in a angry tone “Di!! You are diverting me!! And see…I am not talking”.

She smiles little and says “Ok !! Play!!”.She sees Ronnie he started biting his

nails in fear!!.Pragya thinks “How childish!! He fears to lose in just a game!!”.

Ronnie moves his spade.Pragya thinks “Again …he is going to lose by his fear”.

Abhi sees them and wonders “She can win the game easily with next move!!” and

eagerly waits for her next move…And says under his breath “So..her next move

will be a check!!”.To his great surprise she lost the queen.Ronnie starts smiling with

his move.

Pragya hides her smile and sees him in a great happiness!!.Abhi gets confused

and sees her smiling.he thinks “Why she is losing??? She definitely lost her mind making

that move.”He folds his hands and watches the match eagerly.Now he heard the girls cheer

For Ronnie.Pragya’s next moves made his Queen too to fall.Abhi smiles saying “That’s my
girl!!”.Ronnie again makes his face sad.Soon his face gone as he is going to die in next move.

His face showed her that in next move he would cry.She sees him and the chess board again

and again.She hears the all the girls shouting her name.She with heavy heart moved her spade.

Abhi cried inside his heart “Damn !! She is really stupid!!”.Ronnie sat frozen there …he came out of his

shock hearing the girls sound shouting his name.He stands and says “I won!!!

Really..I won!!!”.He cries and says “Di!!! Did you see that!!! I won!!”.Pragya pretending

that she is sad of losing the game stands and says “Ok !! Girls can move to your classes!!!

Its enough for today!!!”.Soon the girls shouted “Yes Mam!!!” and starts leaving.

Abhi hears their conversations.A girl says “I am sure

Mam lost the game for the sake of Ronnie sir!!”.Another said

“I too think so…you would have seen Ronnie sir’s face…

He really cried!!”.Both girls laughed and stops seeing Abhi.They

cried “Rock star Abhii!!!!!”.Abhi startled at their sound and tries to escape.

The sound reached everywhere and to pragya too!!.All girls start

surrounding him.Pragya sees this and tries to control

the girls but it was no use.She shouts a loud grunt “Enough!!!”.

The girls stood still and were really very scared.Abhi wonders

“Why these girls scared…a moment ago they were very close

to her…now in a complete fear??”.One of the girls in a polite

and scared voice says “We are sorry Mam!! Just got

enthusiastic seeing Abhi sir!!”.She now gives a cold

look to Abhi.He just raised his right hand with a little


Pragya seems chilled out with that smile.She says in

a calm voice “You people can go now…I will make you

get his autograph after your classes”.Abhi gets damn shocked!!

“What!!!”.All girls gone from there with great joy.But Abhi stood

there seeing them.He tried to say no but seeing Pragya’s

cold look he goes to her.She starts walking and says “Why

You always coming here suddenly???”.He says “I just decide suddenly!!”

She stops and sees his smile.She says “Ok !! If you come here again

just inform me before…I can make you come without knowing the

students…see what you have done now…,I am sure they will fly

in air now thinking they would get your autograph!!”.He says”Wait!!

How could you say that I would sign their autograph???”.She smiles

and says”Because you are their Rockstar!!! You should thank me first

..I saved you from that situation now…no…You have to say 2 thanks

and one sorry to me!!!”.Abhi gets puzzled of her changed

Behaviour because she doesn’t let him speak now and

Continuously ordering him to say “What??? Two thanks and a sorry??”.

He asks “Are you kidding me?? For what??”.She gives him an angry look

and takes a deep breath.Abhi cries in his heart saying

“Damn!! She will start her speech now!!!”.She says”You are asking

me for what??? I saved you from your crazy fans twice!!! And

what you did in first time??? Just left me hurt there…I really

really hate that attitude!!”.Abhi realises his mistake and says

“Sorry…”.She looks his guilty face and asks “And my Two thank

You???”.He wonders her changed behaviour and thinks..”Seems

she really changed a lot!!”.He says” ok ok…Two thank you!!”.

She smiles and asks”So???”.He too asks”so??”.

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Credit to: Hateera

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